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I've heard about Antifa going nuts again in Portland, Oregon. I know a few retired F.B.I. guys up there. They're not to be messed with. Sounds like the mayor sympathizes a lot with the extreme left. Having once lived in the Seattle area, it doesn't surprise me.

I remember a T.V. news report about a skater dude kid breaking his leg while goofing around on the water fountains at Key Arena. They're on a timer. Dumb kid lost track of the timing, got thrown up into the air, and broke his leg on the way down. The gist of the report was city council was considering closing the Key Arena fountains because they're a public health hazard. Really?!!!

I wonder what happened to that kid. Maybe he's one the Antifa folks now - same mentality.






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They guy is still in the hospital with a brain bleed. He should have had a CNN jacket and they would not have bothered him.

Remember where this is . A place where extreme liberal CA people go because they thought CA was to conservative.

I wonder how may of these wonders live at home with mom. There is nothing to prove going to one of these affairs  nothing.

You cannot reason with the likes of this trash , it is a waste of time.  I am sure the police are caught between a rock and a hard place. They probably thought that he was asking for it by being there ( not saying that is right it is not) also they will not endanger themselves physically  or politically .

Mobs are nothing but hate and frustration out to get there hunk of flesh . The only way not get hurt in a fight is not to show up for one.

Even with the best defensive skills you can't fight a mob alone. He should have left before it got out of hand.

First rule in survival (Let them come to YOU on your terms on your turf) never fight a Bear in his own den, You will be dinner.

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Portland's a great place to live. They vote stupidly though, which is why downtown has lost most of the business to beaverton, which instituded even worse policies, and the business moved to vancouver, etc. 

If I had to live in a big city, it would be my top pick. It's just more laid back and less hassle. All the benefits of a big city with far less of the downsides. Interesting art and food, and stuff to do, but not outrageously expensive to do it. you can go just about anywhere in town in 15-30 minutes from anywhere else, once you learn how the traffic behaves. Just about anywhere in town you are within a block or three of actual forest. Fuel price is reasonable, food prices are low. Rent and property taxes SUUUCK. Freeway speeds are stupid slow, but all the street speeds are distinctly fast, and flow well. 

Don't bash on the whole place for one dumb thing that happens there. Portland isn't antifa. It's just a big enough place that of course some of the wackoes from any group are going to be there. Mostly, people leave you alone and let you do what you want if they aren't into what you're into. If they do like what you like, they will probably good naturedly give you the nod, or join you, or invite you along with their next thing. It's sort of anti snobbery, libertarian living on a personal level. Friendly, but not in your business, and not hurt if you want privacy. They vote for people who want to get in your business and control you, but that's just cognitive dissonance.

Any time I go to a big city, I have the following experience:

Phase one: This place is pretty neat. Oh yeah, I 've been wanting to go to  (interesting thing to do/see/eat ) for years. Maybe next time I come back.

Phase 2: I can't afford to do any of the things I wanted to do here, even if I could get to them.

Phase 3: Stuck in traffic moving at a painful pace, within sight of 5 interesting things that would take hours to get to.

Phase 4: I never want to come here again, and am considering whether I could get away with destroying the city in some kind of mass atrocity. 

Many cities skip the first two phases.

Portland usually skips #3. Even if you get stuck in freeway traffic, the aggressive hostile vibe just isn't in the traffic. A turn signal is not a sign of weakness telling the chick in her mercedes SUV to cut you off.

There are plenty of places and things that are out of my price range, but there is always something pleasant to do for free to medium, enough that an individual or group can have a good time regardless of their means. I always leave portland wanting to come back soon, and that was even true while I lived there. It's like you take all the best parts of the way movies try to make NYC look exciting, and Mayberry comfortable.

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My conclusion of the region is more psychological or sociological: too much rain, not enough sun, VERY low cloud ceiling most of the year. Yes ... spring and summer can be beautiful up there, but usually the weather is depressing and the suicide rates are higher up there. Having it become completely dark by 4:30PM during the fall/winter months was interesting too.

I recall thinking Boeing could increase productivity, morale, workforce retention, and profits if they simply moved to a state with sunnier weather and a better tax environment. They'd have better flying conditions and a happier work force. The weather really does contribute to the culture up there in the rainy northwest. My sister was convinced I had seasonal affective disorder when I was there. One better have an indoor hobby.

As an aside, seeing big cedar and fir trees bend almost 45-degrees during a wind storm was scary.

But they sure have had some great bands come from up there.  



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I have nothing against Portland or its people as my Father was born near there. I have been there, and it is a nice city as city's go.

The nature in Oregon is breathtaking it dives you to the view than only a God could make such a place.

I do not object to peaceful protests that stimulate thoughtful exchanges of Ideas between two opposing viewpoints.

I have gotten over the outrageous treatment of Nam vets, as sometimes passion can move people to act in stupid harsh ways. 

Back then they had a central misguided reason for doing what they did but at least they had a reason. For at that moment they hated and responded the way they did because of association as I did to them  (I hated their guts)

The problem with this group is they just hate everyone. They are Thugs. My faith tells me to Love people like this, but it needs to be love in action. Their violence needs to be arrested; they need to be shown a better way as violence should never be encouraged by the local government. Police need to be able to protect the safety and rights of all citizens in the community.

They failed to help this man when it got out of control and that is just wrong. He was in harm’s way and they stood by and watched.

The police chief should resign because he would not respond to the needs of his community above politics.  In short, he has no Balls for the job.

That's my opinion and I am sticking to it

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God is not finished with the left coast. Political disturbances are nothing compared with NATURE'S 'disturbances'. Bad weather, geologic and political uncertainty. Cali has faults a poppin' and Mt. Ranier or one of it's sisters will have their play date! Wouldn't mind visiting, but NOT anywhere I would live.

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