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Wood stove partially through door or wall? For asthma reasons

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I have this cool wood stove in basement of new house but wife is militant about not using it cause she has kinda bad asthma. I think I could move the stove to either the old wood bunker with a shed above it or stick it partially through this door we have right next to it, with the stove facing out so only the radiant heat is in the room. We on propane, and it’s only 1$ gallon locked in for this winter but I just love radiant heat, and it’s just sitting right there being cold haha. What you guys think?


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Why not a pellet heater? I don't recall any significant smoke, etc from the one my in-laws have in MI. It put out some awesome heat too.

Also, is there anything that restricts the exhaust, at all? I remember my grandmother's wood stove sucking a ton of air in and not really smelling a lot of smoke. 

Have you tried using it just to see what the effect on your wife is? It may not be as extreme as she anticipates. I can't blame her for being anxious about it. I'm sure she has had her share of traumatizing moments not being able to breathe.


If it doesn't work out and money isn't a concern you could get a propeller shaft section from a cargo ship, build an induction heater for it, and have glowing (red, orange, white, how far do you want to go) radiant heat in a matter of seconds if your induction heater is powerful enough. You could also rig a timer up on it and just do a blip of radiant heat every 30 minutes or so. A glowing propeller shaft would retain a lot of heat for a while and it would do it with no smoke after initially burning any oils, paints, etc off of it. Dream... and dream big ;) 

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Basement wood stoves and breathing concerns generally do not mi?.  Even with dedicated remote outside air intakes and a very air tight certified box some particulate matter will get outside the stove and foul up the entire houses air.

I don't like basement propane heaters either.  Just me.  Boom!  Either endure a cool/cold basement or consider an electric heating system?  Can you consider a recirculating heating system drawing in hot air from above the cellar?

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