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Hi Guys:

I am overwhelmed by the number and kinds of boots out there. Now I know how a non-gun person feels when they hear a jillion pistol & rifle calibers spoken about in conversation. Here in Texas, we had a harsh (and rare) winter storm hit us earlier this year. I've never seen single digit temperatures my whole life. My New Balance running shoes were not proper foot wear for snow and ice. I nearly slipped on several ice patches, and the snow soaks your shoes if it's deep enough. 

I want to finally get a pair of quality hiking boots or hunting boots that are at least truly waterproof. Both insulated and waterproof with ankle support would be nice. 

I am asking for any suggestions since many of you are actual hunters in mountain states. I want to be prepared for another winter storm with proper footwear. I was fine regarding clothes and jackets. However, I simply did not have proper footwear for real winter weather, and it took me aback. I didn't realize how much I took footwear for granted until we had that winter storm. The lack of one simple item nearly "froze" my activities. 

Thanks guys. I appreciate any recommendations. I'm sure it's hard to get into a final firing position if your toes are frost-bitten. It's also hard to take the garbage cans to the road too. 


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You'll have to try a couple different brands on to see how they are cut and what fits you. I wear "loggers" and absolutely can't stand Carolinas, but Red Wings do alright. I wore Georgia boots when I worked for the gooberment, I wouldn't recommend them as the leather got thin quick. Downside is Red Wing makes almost everything in China now.

For "hunting boots" I tried Rockys, which leaked quickly. I'm now running a pair of Muck brand with the maximum amount of insulation I could find.  I also have a pair of Muck "Express Cool" pair for around the farm. They haven't leaked yet.

I also wear a pair of moldable insoles due to low arches. Makes my Red Wings more comfortable than my sneakers for me. I blow through the heel of them about every 9 months or so, depending on how much stomping around I do.

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After almost 27 years with a pair of Rocky 800 gram Thinsulate leather upper rubber bottom packs the rubber finally gave out. I just purchased another pair of Rocky's hoping they'll prove themselves like the last pair. This pair is Rocky Blizzardstalker Pro Waterproof 1200G. Less bulky than the old pair, but more insulated, and much better ankle support. If they last half as long and are as warm as my last pair of Rocky's I will be sold for life. 

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