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Finished my front flip sight

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The barrel mount was very simple and its very solid. Just got lucky that the drill bit was the perfect diameter.


What did you use to saw the clamp after drilling the hole? It looks very tight, almost as if you made each piece separate off of two holes.

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I think I did what you're saying...


The piece started at the height it is without the bottom halves of the "clamp" part. I milled the bottom of the rail and the bottom of the two small pieces as flat as I could. Made the mounting holes, tapped the holes on the rail side and screwed everything together. So no big hole drilled yet.


Mounted the assembled piece in the vice vertically then drilled the big hole.


So all three pieces didnt start as one, got drilled, them separated. They started as separated pieces, got assembled then the main hole got drilled.


That make sense? I feel lost...

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Thanks Jailbait,

I'm proud of what I made but its really a poor design. Zero'ing the iron sights with this design is a bitch.


I don't even know if it could be done without the Aimpoint.


What I've done(changed Aimpoints a couple of times):

  1. mount the Aimpoint
  2. zero the aimpoint at 50 yards
  3. loosing the screws on the mount barely
  4. knock the front sight left or right so it lines up with the zero'ed Aimpoint dot


So I need to come up with a better design :)

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Zero'ing may be an annoyance . . . but I would absolutely buy one of these. They'd be most awesome in combination with a windage adjustable rear sight, which I have.

That's actually exactly what I ended up with on this rifle. Switched to a Troy front flip sight and an RPK rear adjustable sight. Simplified things. Can adjust windage and elevation with no tools(well need a knife or unfired round to push the front sight plunger down).


Screw the paint, you should ship that to me and let me powder coat it in a nice matte black poly!

Hehe I recently finished a 6061-T6511 picatinny mount for a M951. I sent it off to US anondizing for a hard anondizing finish. Assuming all goes well with that piece I'll be sending this old picatinny barrel mount as well as some other pieces to Victor as well.




I probably should have done a retro on this rifle. I've put over 4000+ rounds through the rifle since the last post in 2009 in this thread. I did have some other work done. The barrel was pressed out, GB & rear sight block pressed off, barrel was cut and threaded, rear sight block pressed back on, normal front HG installed, GB pressed back on, FSC47 blind pinned, and barrel assembly returned to me and pressed back into the receiver.

A Troy front sight was given to me. Had a tad less wiggle than the MI so swapped them. Rifle is still going strong. Just did some snap shot drills with it a couple of weeks ago. It is still my favorite AK out of my 5.45, 107UR, and other 16" AK's. It's the second lightest to the 107UR. One thing I'd change if I could is the FSC47. Would prefer a pure flash hider. FSC isn't bad but I don't feel the compensation and braking is worth the flash and noise. That's a permanent part of this rifle now.

My 107UR is a fun gun but being an SBR make it a bitch to travel with. This Saiga is what I default to in a non-gun gear looking bag to lock in the trunk. It is also the best "handling" AK I have. Easier to control muzzle rise wise than the 107UR, quicker to get on target from carry than a 16" AK, and much lighter. 107UR beats it in weight only by a few ounces. The beer can FH adds a lot of weight.

One gadget addition I gave it was a gear sector E1e offset mount and a E1e head/Aleph 123x1 body/e2d clicky/kuk427 XP-g tower light. Smallest & lightest weapon worthy light I could find.

Pre-install of the kuku tower:



I've been happy with the front sight mount. Held zero and taken a beating. Just needs to be hard anodized.

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Since I got set up doing powder coating for the sight tools that I make, I tend to PC pretty much everything metal that comes my way. I considered anodizing, but the limited space that I have in my garage/shop and my intolerance for most sorts of fumes kinda put the brakes on that, the smells of the acid would have given me an instant migraine right off. I'm looking for a local manufacturing company to take over what I'm doing now for a share of the profits so that I can work on some new stuff that I have in mind, no time to do any side projects at the moment. I like the anodizing as it's more of an "integral" coloring and protectant and it adds a bit of hardness to the initial thickness of the metal, just didn't want to sacrifice that much space for the process.


I don't have CNC capability either, it's a much slower process making the sight tools that I do for the Mosin's, but there's only like three or four critical points on them so the rest can vary. Would be nice though...

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Sell the design to Krebs or whoever the hell will mass prod it so I can have one. tongue.png


The design is nothing new. UTG and SureFire make rail mounts VERY similar to the one I made(mount for the Surefire 660). And they did theres before I made mine. So nothing to patent. The parts I made are of the same basic design with slight material and dimensions differences to suit the front sight instead of a flashlight.

Anyone is welcome to take the general idea and mass produce/sell it. I'd be flattered.

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Some small follow-up on this.  I made this years ago.  I finally got around to sending it to Victor at US anodizing to tumble and hard anodize it.




The rifle has been through a multiple rifle classes.  Fighting Rifle, RB1, some no-names.  Never babied.  Push-ups, thrown in mud, water, freezing cold.  The rifle with the front rail attached has right around 10K through it since I first posed this.  Even though I look back on how I did the rear trunnion rivets and how poorly they were done I've had 0 issues with the rifle or the sight.  Never lost zero and no malfunctions even in freezing weather.  Something I questioned with the 14.5" barrel and no changes to the gas system.


While my curiosity has me working on non-saiga stuff I still love the platform.  Even with the price rises in 5 years, whenever someone asks "What's the best path for a new person who wants a super reliable AK that's not +$1K?" my answer is still a Saiga.

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Beautiful. Especially after you ditched the needless lower tri rail. I started out to do something similar on my 12 before a member here gifted me some unfinished dinzag reject sights. I am certain I couldn't have got them looking so nice.


How much did it cost to have the anodizing done? I've had some parts I would kinda like to do that to.

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I'm planing on putting adjustable gas block with integrated front sight. Only two reasons for that it's cheaper then KNS adjustable piston and I have a set of Meprolight night sights which I plan to put on the rifle. I'm very satisfed with the set on my 16" full size AK, so in the future build I'll get the same for SBR, period correct and propper Russian AK-104 in 7.62x39.

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