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Too many choices on my Draco!

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Did you modify the AMD handguard to fit and where did you aquire it?



No modification at all. I think I got it from a forum member. I've since changed it out for a K-Var AK 100 style HG with stainless heat shield.






If you want the AMD hand guard, I'd sell it for $10.00 delivered. PM me

Looks good. Now you need a form 1 to add a stock . :super:

How do you like the dot sight?

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You guys have given me inspiration to go ahead and order a Draco. I just threw it on layaway since I just spent the money on a Galil. That gies me time to figure out exactly what it is I will do with it.


I'm torn on what exactly to do to it though. If I SBR / put a stock on it, I really think it will be an underfolder or simply all AK wood. I love that Ultimak but I would rather have some sort of rail on the side for a light. For the distances it would be shooting, I don't want an optic. Any ideas on an option for that sort of setup?

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Mine started like this. Took off the TRS 25 put a Bushnell Holo Sight on it. Sighted it in but I couldn't get used to it. Even tho the Holo sight had a better

feild of view I liked the TRS better. Before putting it back I tried a Bushnell trophy. Not the ACOG knock off just the plain red dot with the glare tube on the end.

Way too small. I put it all back to this and added a single point sling and I shoot the crap out of it. I am still waiting for my check to be cashed to start to think

about the ACE folder I have for it. It will make, like many others here, a super cool SBR that will be a hell of lot more accurate.

" The waiting is the hardest part" (Tom Petty)


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I was thumbing through another website,that had this for sale for the draco.

I know he isn't a member here (I told the guy he needs to be). PM me and I will give you the link.

I am sure there are other sling attachments out there but for the price of $15 I think it is pretty good.




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