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Thank you Tony

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Just wanted to send a Thank You for an amazing build. The S06 you built for me is beyond words. The craftsmanship and attention to detail deserves praise. In the next few days I will have a complete write-up on my S06. I just wanted to take the first couple of days to drool over it and send some rounds down range. I do have to say, the last time I slept with a weapon was in the Army and my M203 was an extension of me, I believe I've found my new love.


Thank you,



PS> For those of you who are on the waiting list for a Tromix Saiga 12, it's worth the wait!!!

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I recently purchased some small Tromix parts, they were, of course, perfect.


Like most folks here we have come to take the quality of Tromix parts for granted so I wanted to take a second to say express my appreciation for Tony's products.


Wether buying a single part or a complete weapon buying from Tromix is a way to assure top quality.


Thanks for the great parts.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.


And Bo, thanks for the great pictures and write-up.


FYI, we do refinish the gun completely, and as far as the Ace hinge goes- they do "break-in" a bit but mostly there is a little trick to doing it. It'll become easier as you get more accustomed to it. Grab the thin part of the stock with your hand and put your thumb on the top cover release, and push with the thumb while breaking your wrist upward.

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The last couple days I've been researching what shotgun I wanted and I heard some good things about tromix. But after reading these awsome reviews I cant wait to get the ball rolling. I even felt compelled to join this sight. I hope the demand has cooled off a bit and the wait isnt too long!

Also sorry to necro an old thread

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