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  1. considering that I had 20 minutes to submit the photo, I think my tossing of everthing on the floor turned out better than it could have! And yes, I'm asking for votes. I want to win 3 free suppressors. Who wouldn't? There are a lot of great photos in the contest - if I had known about this sooner, I would have gotten everything together and taken it out on my boat, anchored in some super scenic bay with mountains and a morning fog, then placed everything on the back deck in a well thought out and organized way. And had a hottie in a bikini! LOL In reality, I did my weekly check of my spam f
  2. I need your help... my photo is in the SilencerCo 'Living in the Red' contest, and I need your vote! I'm a longshot, the underdog, the fat kid to be picked last! SilencerCo has a contest, for 'bugout bags and readiness'. I put mine in, with a few 'fun' additions (and subtractions), and lo and behold my photo was one of around 80 to be picked. Now it's up to Internet voting to pick the winner(s). Help me win!!! Here is the link: http://www.silencerco.com/living-in-the-red/?mc_cid=14d9c7497e&mc_eid=54fea7193e And there is no good way to tell you which photo is mine - their position changes
  3. saw some in a small store where I go fishing... $89 a brick! Guy told me it was 'because they are closing the last US lead smelter...' I calmly walked out...
  4. I have the Shooting Sight trigger and it is freaking awesome.
  5. Dumbass... it was pretty obvious he saw it at a distance and still advanced on the moose. I ride a lot, and have damn near ran over/into moose on a few occasion coming around a blind corner. They usually run when you get too close if you are at speed... I wonder if he had just kept running, would it have ended differently. But, he stopped, got it's attention then advanced. Textbook on what NOT to do... in 40+ years up here, never had to shoot a moose I did not want in my freezer (prefer caribou anyways...) Lots of posts on this all over the internet... and a LOT of people are slapping the
  6. technically not a picture but... I'm the first to shoot a few, then a guy I work with how has NEVER touched a shotgun is up. He's got a weird grip which we have since fixed... but he's the only one my S12 jams for (you can see it in his first shoot)
  7. I kicked the wife to the spare room and sleep with my Tromix S12... you will too soon enough. Seriously, the thing is awesome. If I could find another S12 locally I'd set up to do a S17 as well.
  8. Correct... and the Class III dealer does the submitting UNLESS it is a Form1 - I did my own Form1 and dealer did my Form4. Also... he told me today, that you can actually cancel a paper form4, get a refund started and re-file as eForm4. I do not think that is common knowledge,as my dealer said he ha dtalked to the NFA branch about that and they were not very happy with that but it was allowed.
  9. eForm is the way... 3 months from filing to approval for both an SBR and suppressor - both submitted 9/30/13 and both approved on 1/14/14 I have 2 form4's mailed in the same dates, and my dealer told me I can cacel them then re-file eForm form4's... not sure if I want to do that, but if they come back in 3 months I'll be 3-4 months ahead of the game.
  10. Got mine today - thanks, but I have to say that due to some health issues at home I have not been active in any way, shape, or form here, or anywhere regarding shooting. I need to apologize for that as I have really done nothing to help with the testing of these mags. Hell, have not opened my gunsafe in about 2 months. I'll have to catch up on the postings and see what I can do. Trust me... I have GOT to get to range to blow off some steam and de-stress. At least now I have a good reason to 'go play with my guns' as the wife calls it.
  11. yeah, any BCG should be good. I like to stay with the ones I know... Colt, BCM, so on. Really, as long as they are C158 bolts and properly staked gas keys I'm happy. That said, I have the stuff to stake my own so really it's just the material that concerns me. As far as the buffers, I like to go as heavy as my rifle will run reliably. Slows down the cycling, and reduces any problems... to a point. Too heavy an you induce more problems. I've switched all my AR's over to Vltor A5 systems, they seem to run so much better, smoother, and slightly slower cycling. I do headspace any rifle th
  12. screw it.... I'm paying the higher price for a case or two of XM855 tomorrow
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AR4WmfiPWI and this http://www.wtsp.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=2654049258001 Dude in the first vid was found 1/2 mile down the road, dead as hell, with his three kids in the car! (all ok) Cop was shot in the side but survived. Surprised no one in the lead car in the second vid was hit... lots of glass flying before they stopped. Could not pay me enough to be a cop... I can predict fire a WHOLE lot more than people.
  14. Full length? SBR? I just submitted my Form4 for a 7.62 Suppressor exactly for this reason. With the right setup, a suppressed .300AAC is no louder than a suppressed .22 - at least according to the Internet and YouTube
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