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I've got a drawer that needed some clearing out so I hope I can find a home for this stuff. I'd like to trade most of these items or combo of items for an Adjustable Vented Poly-choke II for a Saiga 12 (http://store.carolin...Saiga-12/Detail) or 10 round AGP magazines or factory 8, 5 or 2 round magazines. I primarily want to trade for the poly choke or S12 mags, but I am willing to sell these items if the proper trades don't come along. I prefer USPS money orders. Just leave a message saying which items you would like to buy or what you would like to trade for. First come, first served. I am open to other trades or money/trade combos, so let me know whatcha got! Prices do not include shipping. If we work out a trade, I'll pay for shipping my items and you pay for shipping yours, and I will let you know how much shipping will be for any item or combo of items purchased.







1. Modified factory S308 follower and spring guide and factory spring for 8 to 10 found conversion for the factory s308 magazine- $5 SPF to Vermontmadman


2. Command Arms Accessories precision shooting grip stand for UPG47 or UPG16 CAA grips-$10


3. Chaos Warthog muzzlebrake and lock nut-$50 SPF to 1811


4.AK-Builder Glass Breaker muzzle brake-$40 SPF to bwolak


5. AR15 Ergo Tactical Deluxe with Grip Shelf modified for use with the JT Engineering AR15 Saiga Trigger Guard-$30


6. TapCo Intrafuse Tri-rail Black-$30 SPF to TheDriver


7. Factory Saiga 7.62x39 Forearm-$10 SPF to smartbomb


8. TapCo Black Collapsible T6-$30 SPF to scoth


9&10 Factory buttstocks-$10 each


11. Harris style Bi-pod (mounts to strap button)-$50


12. Chaos Extended Quadrail with 2 MagPul ladder rail covers in OD green-$80 SPF to TheDriver


13. AK dust cover with peep thru pic rail and set screws-$15

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what is the exact model of harris bipod? is it harris or look alike?


if it is real harris adjustable 6-9, I am interested


I dont remember the brand but it retailed for about $80. I bought two of them a few years back, 1 for my S308 and 1 for my Remington 700, but I only used one of them. It is a 6-9" and very solid and quick and easy to adjust and remove.

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I got my grip today as described. I have pm'd him several times w/o response though, good luck to everyone else.


Well, that's good to hear. Same no response experience on pms.


-EDIT - just arrived.

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Hey guys, I just moved to a new town and it took a week for AT&T to transfer my service. I shipped everything I received payment for last week. Everything should have arrived by now. Again, sorry for the delays. I hope everyone enjoys the stuff they got. And just to let everyone know, shipping was about double what I charged so I hope you all appreciate the good deals ans split shipping!032.gif A few items are still available so if anyone is interested, make me an offer!000.gif

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