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kushnipup on a 308.

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Hmm, Ive done an S12, 410 and 5.45 so far. Not sure why it wouldn't work on the 308. Just know, going in, that anything other than an S12 requires some mods. The challenge with the rifles is that the barrel is to small for the barrel channel. The stock gets a lot of its stiffness from integrating with the barrel. Also, there is no threaded front sling mount that the Kushnapup uses to anchor the front of the weapon to the stock. All of these things can be sorted out, but some parts fabrication is required. Compare the 308 receiver very carefully to a 7.62, 545 or 223 receiver. If they are identical, and I think they are; then you could make the 308 work. Just my 02.


FYI, I just checked the website and they say it will work fine with the 308.

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Cant speak from experience with a 308 in a kpup... but I know the 308 mags are a lot straighter than the S12 ones... and THEY lock in... I cant imagine a 20 rd. 308 mag wouldnt be able to be locked in place... :unsure:




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I can't speak from experience regarding that specific kit's trigger, but I do have a microtech MSAR bullpup.


The trigger is large and plastic, it feels large and plastic. BUT, it breaks 100% clean and like a glass rod when you actually push it. Bullpups don't have to have bad triggers as long as the linkage is solid, and doesn't have any angles in it that allows it to bend or distort. Inside the body of that MSAR all the linkage goes into slots that barely touch it to reduce drag, but they prevent the linkage from flexing. A super clean breaking very solid 6 pound trigger on a bullpup is pretty impressive if you ever get a chance to try it out.

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does the funky stock trigger have any issues with the kpup linkage? also would a ultimac be the best rail option for a scope?


The trigger isn't any worse than the stock Saiga trigger, you just have to eliminate the reset spring that comes with the KPup. The factory trigger reset is sufficient to work through the linkage. I added an extra rail piece that I had off of a quad rail to the top of the gas tube, but yes the Ultimak would be an excellent option.

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