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Time to bid farewell. Thank you all!

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I wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that offered help/knowlege with my .223 build. My Saiga .223 is STILL at the (current) gunsmith awaiting it's turn for tender loving care (to fix it's FTE issue). I have ZERO doubts it will be cured by the current (VERY competent) AK smith. However... upon it's return it will be sold off.

I am now the owner of an M10-762 and will be selling off my Saiga (semi) conversion. Something about the M10 just hit me right. It's a Romanian reciever with ALL new parts (receiver/barrel/trunnion/gas block), with that basic "down and dirty" ak look I like. I like the park finish on it (looks cheaper than the finish on a Saiga, but is more durable than the "paint" on a Saiga), the fully hooded FSB (shortens sight radius, but protects better and less chance of it being canted), that is has Tapco G2 trigger/hammer group (same as I put in my Saiga), and that it already has a muzzle FH/Brake on it. Granted, it does NOT have the "dimples",but instead has spot welded in "lips" that serve the same purpose (thus cosmetic on the outside only). I also like that it's not a "74 style" (true AKM, takes AK 47 parts and such, not a cross breed between the AK47 and AK74 that the Saiga is). This helps with parts availability. I also love having the option of using combloc steel mags (which i've already bought) since the M10 is 7.62x39 (which btw... combloc mags are NOT $10 like they used to be. Expect to pay a good $20 EA for the real deal). It came down to this: I could restore/convert a Saiga 7.62x39 into what I wanted, or get a M10 with slabside for LESS than it would take me to FULLY convert a Saiga myself (not just a rear, like my .223, but front as well. The M10 is all AK, though and through) without the left over holes from a conversion and with proper trigger guard/mag latch securely riveted in place.

AK's are getting ridiculously priced lately (for what they are) and I think the M10 is a great "middle ground". Think of the M10 as a perfected Wasr. New parts, properly (CNC) machined mag well, and all AK 47, yet not up to par with Arsenal (or converted Saiga, if you don't mind the extra holes and slots).

My Saiga project has tought me a great deal about AK's, in general, and I'm thankful for all those that helped me learn knowlege about them along the way.

Thank you all, and happy shooting! :-)

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BTW... I was at a gun show earlier today, and they had a sample "CAI converted Saiga". IMHO... I'd stay FAR FAR away from them (as enticing as the prices are on them). The "sample" I handled had the worst mag to rifle fit I've ever seen in an AK. This thing must have had 1/8" play front to back/ up and down (the bad kind. Not side to side). It seems that CAI can even screw up a Saiga. Maybe it was just that sample, but holy hell..talk about heavy handed with the file... that fit was sloppy as all get out. I know Bud's has CAI converted Saiga's for cheap.... but just forewarned... it's a HUGE gamble (upon the poor workmanship that I sampled).

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Best wishes to you, Brian!

After all, you don't have to leave the forum; I hope you'll stick around in other "subs" ("Other AK based Rifles").


Enjoy M10.

Frankly, I miss 7.62x39.

Nothing clears CQB like it.

Hope you don't live in suburbs: this nasty load will thread few houses in a line of fire, stuffing them with residue of home intruder's gut or brain tissue.

Up your home insurance and enjoy the manly "boom".

Good luck, bro!

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if you are paying $20 for standard surplus steel ak mags you better pull up your pants because someone is boning you


haha! I know.. but these are NEW (never used, not a single mar/scratch/scrape on them). Belive me.. the days of $10 NEW/UNUSED steel AK mags are GONE. Search the net. All you'll find is the occassional aimsuplus deals. Market price (now) is $20/new or $10/used (in good shape). These were also the exact same prices I found at my latest gunshow outting. AK's are flying off the shelves, the market's gotten WAY over inflated on them and their parts/accessories. It's to the point now that a low end AK is only about $150 cheaper than a low end AR (not that I'd want an AR haha)! I know, it sucks. Hopefully things will calm down again after election. Then again... they didn't really last time, so I doubt they will this time either. With all the large body count shootings happening lately, election, and a growing anti-gun sentiment... I think everyone smells the possible future laws in the air.

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you gotta search for mags with your back to the wall so you don't get fucked, apex, $16 new bulgy mags, $18 new polish mags and $100 for 10 surplus mags, i just get the cheap ones and paint em

Like I said... $20ish for new mags (as you've pointed out) and $10ish for used. That's the current rate. I keep hearing of people talking about these "$10 new steel mags" and they don't exist. New rates have changed.


btw.. if anyone has any good links to NEW/UNISSUED 7.62x39 steel mags (NEW/UNISSUED) for a decent price ($15 or less), shoot me a PM, I'm looking for more!

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Yeah there is a definite fear factor and price gouging going on, but there are still massive mag sales on a regular basis. Do you know how many AK mags were produced? Not enough for us silly Americans to buy them all, not even by a long shot. Hell just a few months ago AIM was selling the huge batches of Albanian Chinese-pattern mags NEW for $9/ea. I bought a few and wish I bought ten, but more will come. You just have to wait a bit.


Don't waste your time trying to seek out unissued mags.. No point. Just about every reputable online seller who sells used AK mags, the mags are going to be in decent shape. They're all going to work. So what if some of them have a scratch, dent, or a bit of surface rust. Like Russian Hammer said, if you don't like the way they look, clean them up and paint 'em.


If you want the NEW mags, expect to pay a premium, and it's luck of the draw to find new foreign steel mags.. The Bulgarian poly mags are the best deal on a foreign-made mag with light steel reinforcements. I also really like the Tapco Smooth-side 7.62x39 even though they are not reinforced, they're a meaty & tough mag that looks like a com-bloc mag, and the price is near $10-15 depending on where you look.


Want deals? You don't have to be picky.. Just patient!



RIGHT NOW.. Ten for $100 at APEX: https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/cPath/50/products_id/2780

Five for $55: https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/cPath/50/products_id/1329


These are good prices, from a good company that doesn't sell junk parts.

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To expand on that, here are a few Romanian 30-rounders I bought recently. These three were straight up ugly - most of the finish was gone, and one had quite a bit of surface rust, a few pitted spots. One had zero finish at all, and while I think the BFPU look is cool, none of my AKs look like that, so no reason to have a mag looking like that.


After a dunk in Simple Green, a few blasts of brake cleaner and compressed air, dust coats of Duplicolor DE1634 and an hour in the oven at 200F.. Mags now look almost identical to a good coat of parkerizing. I've been using them for a while and the paint holds up fine, even around the edges where the mag well rides up against them.


The great thing about steel AK mags is that they have to be REALLY fucked up to not work, unlike metallic mags for other rifles that we know of...


So here are your "new" surplus mags.



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