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Hello, everyone. I am a new saiga-12 owner and new to this forum, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so much to this site, I have been researching for a month and still find new things each time I log in!


I was fortunate enough to get one in these troubling times, but not so lucky to acquire any higher capacity magazines or drums... Hopefully I will luck into one or this may all blow over.


After testing it out with the gambit of different rounds, I am comfortable that I have a solid gun. I am working on some conversions and got the idea to install a Chainsaw type of grip on the forend. I thought that this would be easy to find, but I am not having any luck... I found one on the Mossberg website, see attached image. They sell a package deal, but don't seem to offer the grip by itself...


Before I commit to building one from scratch, does anyone know of a commercially made Chainsaw handle type forend grip out there. Thanks in advance for any help.




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I have never seen one made for a Saiga 12 BUT other members have modified fore ends from Remingtons and other shotguns to fit on a Saiga. Also I see that the "chainsaw grip" is attached to a Picitinny rail so you should be able to attach it one of the several fore ends tha have a rail on the bottom. So long as the chainsaw grip is tall enough to fit which it looks like it would. You can be the first to mount one on a Saiga and let everyone know how it works!

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That grip isn't designed for a "sight picture", it's designed for a laser-dot or flashlight. Primarily though (I think...) it's main purpose is for breaching doors and not much else.


I've never handled one, but it just looks clumsy as hell to try to use. :unsure:

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it fits on any rail system, so get a quad rail system.


I agree, it does not lend to shoulder fire or aiming down sights, it is a hip mounted - laser or flashlight aim.


If you think about it, a over the shoulder sling would be better as it would hold the weight of the weapon for ya.


It can be a double point sling - not a three point as shown -



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Thanks everyone. I agree that this is a little bit more than impractical.... I wouldn't leave it on at all times.


I do currently have a quad rail system with a standard vertical grip. I just thought that it would be fun to shoot off a drum from the hip.


If I get anything together, I will be sure to share it!


Thanks again

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Simple. You buy from the 3rd group to knock them off, or you contact a forum vendor here who was the first to make them, give him some money and wait a few months.


The question is how much do you really want one.

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I might have to watch the local Goodwill for one of those cheap electric chainsaws to make one of those just to freak out my liberal antigun brother inlaw! Though he did say the other day he was thinking about getting a gun, but NO ONE needs one of those assault rifles. It would be awesome to see the look on his face, I could tell him its the bayonet for the 21st and 1/2 century! If I could find a DC motor so i could run it on a battery he would shit his pants. I have no idea what I would do with it after that I would honestly be embarrased to be be seen with it in public!

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