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Not that I don't like the Burris MTAC but it's heavy and bulky and that just seemed to go against the purpose of a bullpup.

This setup is better.  The BCM keymod grip is the only way to go.






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Not that I don't like the Burris MTAC but it's heavy and bulky and that just seemed to go against the purpose of a bullpup. This setup is better.  The BCM keymod grip is the only way to go.    

Hopefully going to the range soon... just a Primary Arms red dot until I decide what I will end up putting on it permanently.

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As I said 8 months ago, the trigger isn't a $350 problem but I saw that Botach has the Timney Gen 2 trigger pack for $270 shipped so I "pulled the trigger" on one.  Last few months I've been working a lot of overtime so it's easier to justify a purchase like this.

First impressions:

Huge improvement over stock.  Duh.

Still a bullpup trigger.  Nobody's going to mistake this for a good AR trigger.  Feels a bit like a Tapco G2 AK trigger. 

I'm looking forward to shooting it.

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And another random resurrection.


I have recently discovered that most polymer mags will not drop free from the Tavor when the bolt is locked back.


Metal mags will drop free and G3 PMAGs will drop free and the IWI mag that came with the rifle.  Hexmags will not.  G2 PMAGs will not.  That's all I can say for sure although I have read on other forums that only the listed mags will drop free.


Oh, and the Timney trigger has been great.  Goes bang every time but never goes bang twice with one pull (which was an issue with the G1 triggers).


You may return to your regularly scheduled threads.

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I've noticed lately that the trend among youtube gun guys and the like is to hate on the tavor. 


I haven't owned one, but I loved the ergos when people let me try theirs. Thoughts?

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I do love the Tavor.  But it's not perfect. 


The stock trigger really does suck.  The fix for that has been pretty costly up to now, on top of what is already a pricey rifle.  The updated IWI trigger is supposed to be much better, whenever that comes out.  And I still haven't seen a price for it.


The Tavor is heavy.  That is somewhat offset by the compactness and weight distribution which makes it much easier to hold and swing than an equally heavy traditional rifle.


On the plus side I have a rifle with an 18" barrel that's an inch shorter than my M92 sbr with the stock open.


The 300bo conversion will be hitting the streets soon (finally). 

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Excellent re re resurrection of an excellent older post.  Question;  If you had to do it all over again, would you buy the Tavor?  It can easily be converted to left hand operation ... for us Lefties?  I for one have eye damage from all the gas from all the rounds from the AR15 and type platforms.


Barrel twist?  Best accurate bulk ammo?  Accuracy at 100?


18 inch is better?  I worry about the muzzle blast/noise/gas from the muzzle being sosss close.  Are you running a good can?  Can the gun run right with a can?  So many ignorant questions because I do not know.  What exactly does it weigh all up?  I think not having mags drop free is not that big of deal.


Another option for me is the L.H. Stag.  Build it myself.

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I would buy it again, but would probably get the FDE version.


The Tavor is available in LH in all flavors.


Twist is 1:7.  I was getting 1.5"-2" out of mine with M193 when I had a 6x scope on it.  But that scope had a very large center dot making precision difficult.  Now running an EoTech.


I like the 18" because the 5.56 can use all the barrel it can get.  I would have gotten the 16 if I was planning to run a can.


The muzzle blast is way less than my M92 sbr.  


I don't have a can but many people do run cans on Tavors.  The biggest problem is that it causes "Tavor face" due to the amount of gas coming back through the action.


With the extended keymod handguard and vert grip and EoTech and fully loaded mag, 10.5 lb.


The magazine drop free issue isn't a big deal unless you want to do cool speed reloads.

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As dodgy as Keltek is, their bullpup rifle looks to be a really clever design. I've been wanting a 300 BO tavor for a long time, what for putting a can on and not having to SBR.


I didn't mind the trigger. It reminded me of glocks. Not great, but not interfering with my ability to shoot.

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