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WI crow hunters?

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They can be a bitch to shoot!  Last time I took a shot at one with a shotgun, the SOB took a dive before the shot could reach him and escaped.  Wary little bastards!  Like to see him try that with the Saiga!  I'll run his butt into the ground before I'm out of ammo!


Now, I take em down with the silenced pellet gun.

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Ya mean there's actually a season on those damn pest, up there? Down here, I just set up the call on the back deck, hide under the umbrella on the table, and empty a 30 round drum on there butts when they fly over the hill, and Capt is correct, they are expert flyers, can dodge, weave and bob to avoid the pellets. Last weekend I had about 20 of them fly over the house and start circling the deck, when I came out, I dumped all 30 rounds, not a damn one fell, but using the .410 makes it more sporting, they don't like the S12. :) Best fun is to get back in the woods with the trees for cover overhead and call them up. I use the crow and hawk fight call, and have had 2 hawks swoop in to check me out, it'll scare the crap out of you to hear their wings flapping just above your head, coming from behind. :)

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