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SC Approves Concealed Carry in Restaurants Finally

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Senator Shealy added, “This was one of my top priorities last year, and was again to start this session. To get this victory straight out of the gate in 2014 is significant. This bill is a confirmation that in South Carolina, we value the right to legally carry a firearm, and our CWP holders should not have their rights trampled by arbitrary restrictions.”

Read more at http://www.fitsnews.com/2014/01/16/sc-senate-gop-cwp-restaurant-bill-advances/#pgRIWs8LdFRQAaAJ.99

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While the restaurant carry prohibition removal is the most talked about part of the bill there are other positive changes to the law.


I'm hoping S.L.E.D. is going to distribute a synopsis of the changes and a new exam soon as I have a class Monday and another Saturday.


After teaching the core safety concepts the law is the second most important part of the class.

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Nothing about reciprocity in the law at all.  Not sure how that's done.


Btw, I got my Utah permit in today's mail so now I'm GTG in 36 states.


According to the S.L.E.D. website three states have been added to the list compared to the old list I have;


North Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho (Enhanced Only). 


Evidently Idaho's "regular" permit does not require much training if any.  The enhanced version requires some or more training.  Only two states recognize the enhanced permit only, South Carolina and Wyoming.  The rest recognize either both or neither.


Yeah it's a patchwork between reciprocity and the actual state laws and while a national standard would be preferable I'd hate to see how such a law would look once the dust settled.  The grabbers would most definitely try to load it up with "gotchas" and language unfriendly to the permit holder.

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Now! If GA and SC could get a CCW reciprocity agreement....!

That would be great!

I hate having to un-strap when I go to S.C.(to the VA Hospital in Charleston....).

I can carry from GA through GA, FL, AL, MS, LA and TX to El Paso - and all is good. 

I can go from Key West, FL to the UP of Michigan up I-75, no problem!

I go across a bridge 20 miles north (I-95) - not legal - until I get to N.C...

My drivers license is fine in 50 states.  My carry license - not so much....


Macbeau sends....

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You come to Ralph Johnson MC?  Cool, I'm there too on occasion, I live about 8 miles from it.


Give me a yell next time you're headed this way and if you have the time, stop by the range and a shoot a full auto on me. (uh, not at me)

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