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really stupid question about making a knife/spike

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for you knife guys out there.... is it even legal if I heat and hammer out a 3 sided knife? they are just illegal to carry, or to POSSESS?


I am debating on hand forging some for sale ( i made these when i was half my age ) , but I cant really figure out the legalities. I know its not a spike bayonet or ice pick. it would be a sharpened and hardened 3 edged knife.


it wouldnt be a collectible or replacement part, nor a CCW blade.


is it even legal to sell them or start making them?


i have looked at trench knives, but those fall into collectible category.

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I've been making blades as a hobby for years - unless your state has a problem with it, you're good to go. Regs on assisted open knives are the only ones that are a bit goofy - and I'm pretty sure the only federal rules prohibit interstate transfer (excepting mil/leo and people with only one hand).

Never made anything three-sided, but grinding blades is a great deal of fun.

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 Triangular cross section knifes were banned for military during WW-1, along with saw backed bayonets.  I have never heard of civilian restrictions - but then there is still bullshit out there I aint heard of yet.

 Best way to make a 3 sided knife is to start with an old 3 sided file from a flee market, and draw out the temper by heating it red with charcoal and letting it stay in the coals as they cool. When done, reheat to straw and oil quench.

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I've read a bunch of knife statutes and have never seen anything about 3 sided.


Check your local laws: State, county & city. Watch for phrases like "having more than one edge" "double edge" or "having two edges." all of those would include a 3 edged knife. What other state law says doesn't really matter for where you are, unless you plan to travel there or sell.

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