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To Shoot 7N6 or Not

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AK's are designed to fire this type of ammo.  The ammo really isn't corrosive like battery acid is corrosive.  When the primer is struck a salt compound is created, salt draws moisture which causes metal to rust.  After shooting rinse away the salt with water as water dissolves rust, then clean as normal ensuring the water and normal fouling is no longer present and you are good to go.  "Corrosive" primers have a longer shelf life and are more "surefire" than other primers, especially in extreme cold temps.

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Youre over thinking it. I shoot it and I dont depending on what Im doing afterwards. I shot my 5.45 on Saturday using commercial ammo because I knew It would be at least a day before I get around to cleaning it.


When I clean i do the same thing regardless of corrosive ammo. 5 min with CLP or Hopes and Im done. No windex no tubs of soapy water.

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^^^ Posters above have pretty much covered it.

I used to be a lot more paranoid about corrosively-primed ammunition. There are still some weapons I prefer not to fire it in, because the gas systems are a pain in the ass to disassemble and clean. Unfortunately the SVT-40 is one of those. Just a little too much of a pain in the ass. The vz. 52 is another. But an AK, SKS, Mosin or Mauser - meh. Rinse the salts away, dry, displace any remaining water with oil, solved.

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I second this.  I had a nice Arsenal AK74 (sold it after 7N6 was banned, but before the rifle was banned unhappy.gif )  and I fired 7N6 exclusively.

I took everything except the fire control group off the rifle and soaked it in hot soapy water, then sprayed out the firearm with a nice coating of ballistol solution.  I think it supposedly lifts off the salts and deposits a nice protective film. I then wiped everything dry with paper towels and lubed / re-assembled it.


It looked brand new for the 600 or so rounds I fired before I sold it.


Edit -- Oh yeah I also sprayed the internals when I was done at the range, then drove home with it like that.  That's a bit excessive maybe, but I would rather pay a bit for ballistol than have corrosion.

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