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Once again I tried to watch American Horror story, and once again it should be called American Snorer story. That show is 80% artsy/20% fartsy. It's like watching a bunch of Johnny Depp characters doing weird Johnny Depp things. If the word Horror is in the title, it better offer more than bumps in the night and gimmicks.


Luckily, the SYFY channel of all places has 2 shows coming out that look very promising. Aftermath is an original take on the post-apocalyptic genre. Even more promising is Channel Zero. It takes "creepypasta" (a term for internet based horror shorts) stories and turns them into shows. The 1st 2 stories are creepy as hell looking. If they do "The Russian Sleep Experiment" I'll lose it! It's a short read "about 20 minutes" or there's a youtube narrated version that's around 15 minutes. That story creeped me out! I'd like to see a good Dyatlov Pass story too.


Anyone here like AHS, or am I just weird?

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A few years ago, I got my wife to watch Jericho as suggested by one of my survival/pepper friends. By the end of the show she finally understood why I was looking into long term food storage and some bare necessities like pocket camp stove and stocking bottled water. I try to have 2 cases on hand at any time.

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I haven't had "TV" for several years and I don't miss it in the slightest. I do hang out at a friends house and watch YouTube videos once and awhile. I only watch one real TV show. I buy Game of thrones when it comes out on Blue ray. I use a TV plenty though, I just watch movies and I have every UFC and PrideFC DVD.

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