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  1. This is almost exactly what I've been waiting for. I've heard too many negative things about these Chinese shotguns though. If Kalashnikov USA ends up being decent quality, I hope they offer something similar.
  2. I have CZ scorpion sights on a Chaos quadrail and custom dust cover right now. I like my setup but I'd rather have this TWS dust cover. I might just buy one and see if I can get a riser to bring the rear sight up. What are the chances that the TWS Saiga-12 handguard that's in the picture will become available? That looks like would be ideal.
  3. How close is this to being on the same plane as a Chaos quadrail?
  4. If I had one for sale I'd list it on the marketplace here and on Akfiles and maybe AR15 equipment exchange. Or sell for consignment at local store. What do you want for it? You also might be able to trade it.
  5. Factory 5 rounders or what?
  6. Anyone ever notice the general consensus on other gun forums on Saiga 12s is that they suck? No one really mentions them unless they are asking what theirs is worth because they want to sell it. I definitely don't have the same opinion, my S12 has been amazing. Just something I have noticed after reading alot of different forums.
  7. I don't think simply being over gassed would cause this. Tons of AKs are over gassed and eject fine. I think the extractor claw is out of spec or the ejector is too far back.
  8. We just need Obamas footprint to compare and.... Never mind nothing will happen.
  9. My first new Glock was an OD G22 and that things has always been unbelievably reliable. I tried many times to kill it. Dumping 10 mags in a row as fast as I could then doing the same thing next range trip without cleaning it. I tried everything short of filling it with mud including shooting all the worst ammo. Never had one malfunction, ever. I've moved on to the G17 RTF2 (Gen3, all my Glocks are gen 3). I just enjoy shooting 9mm alot more and the ammo selection is better. I still have that G22 though. I actually got the G22 originally with the intention of doing a 9mm conversion barr
  10. Fuck the NFA and the ASSHOLES that wrote and signed it into law. Thank God for pistol stabilizing braces.
  11. I'd love to own an x95. The ACR doesn't really interest me. I'd rather have a SCAR and if I already had a SCAR, I'd rather have two SCARs.
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