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    From the album: Shadow's Guns

    Lots of Americans like Lever Actions. I wasn't one till I played Fallout New Vegas. After that I decided that I liked them, especially a big bore lever rifle. Then I found out something, one of my favorite Presidents liked (He liked it a lot actually.) his lever action rifle chambered for the same cartridge that I like in a lever action, .45-70 Government. As the opportunity presented it's self, I grabbed it, paperwork, money and it was mine. So, Here it is, my Medicine Stick. For whatever angry beast that needs it's ills cured. lol Rossi Rio Grande Lever Action .45-70 Government Brass Bead on the front sight, big loop lever, blued steel, round profile barrel, full length magazine tube, weaver rail from factory (Removed in picture, not my thing.), rubber buttpad. 6 in the tube, 1 in the chamber.
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