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  1. flash hiders only for me now, prefer yhm extendeds from cnc warrior and the a2 birdcage for my romy sar2.
  2. China should not scare you, they have a large army but hardly a large navy, logistically they could not afford a war with the united states. Downside to large army is lots and lots of supplies are needed to fuel that army, china just does not have the resources to do so on a large scale and at great distance, now the chinese and the russians I would be worried about them working together.
  3. This just means commercial production will step up, the caliber is not disappearing. Besides what did we all think would inevitably happen, eventually for our sake american companies will see the market and begin to produce ammo, mags, and dare I say it a decent american made ak clone? one can hope as there are millions of rifles out there in 7.62x39 and 5.45 already that are going to run for a long time, chewing up lots of ammo which means dollars to someone.
  4. I did mine in 14x1 lh just because the muzzle devices weigh less and there are more options out there, if I want a 74 brake all I need is the adaptor
  5. I keep my stock handguards and vent them, bought a few spares as well just in case. While not conventional or tactical they work well and cover alot of hand area and is the lightest. Do most people like it maybe not but I do and thats all that matters.
  6. About the farthest ive gone is putting a couple steel bearings in the bottom of my wax slugs, to test for better accuracy. inconclusive I have to mix it in otherwise they wont fly quite right, If I just want to scatter it I use wax instead of got glue, the wax and pellets mixed in crumbles easily but will hold the shot in until discharge. Hot glue tends to hold together alot so lighter stuff wont exit out of the glue upon impact, like a super glaser safety slug thats why I use #4 or copper BBs.
  7. Oil does help, usually anything but penetrating oil is best, occasionally and this only happened once, I had a front sight that would not move at all, I actually bent the tapco it would not budge. The expensive beefed up adjustment tool,magna-matic, is worth every penny, you really cant break it, and I can put a cheater bar on for really stuck ones if oil does not work.
  8. give the mag a good whap on the back against a hard surface a few times, usually clears it for my glock mags when I put a full mag in on a loaded chamber.
  9. too be honest the most I go is taking birdshot and loading hot glue with #4 buckshot, cheap back up home defense/hunting/ plinking load, never had a problem. This shit looks kind of stupid.
  10. they are no heavier than an m14 to me, very similar, thing is though you can manufacture alot of ak's for what most other countries main battle rifles cost. Hopefully we will get even more as the years go and prices will go down some more. one can hope
  11. Imagine, without the AK we'd all be carrying around M14's. second that or an fn fal, but I am a form follows function guy and thank god the ak was invented. Its a blue collar firearm that can be built of a reciever made from a shovel head and the handle as a buttstock and it is minute of man accurate to a few hundred yards, they just work, kind of like the old toyota 4 banger motors, you can kill them but is it really worth all that effort.
  12. true where would jobs and gates have gotten without people to help them, but they were the visionaries, gotta get past the whole commie thing, besides out of the people mentioned on this board he is probably the poorest money wise Im just glad we have them, imagine if we lived in an ar-15 only world:(
  13. maybe hugo helped on the advice for the manufacturing process for stamped recievers, but the bolt and gas design are all mikhail kalashnikov, we did the same shit in some respects with what we got from ze germans.
  14. 1/8 inch is easier and fits just fine, main thing is drilling straight if ya dont have a press, which I did not
  15. depends, how crazy do you want to get with it, dinzag retainers are the best, not the cheapest
  16. I like having a bho but the notched safety works much better, inset a mag and dump the safety and your loaded ready to go.
  17. I am suprised the bulgarians dont do commercial ammo, they are dirt poor and have lots of tooling left over from the iron curtain days. I would love to always buy more ammo, I just dont need it right now and I already picked up a crate of 7n6 a month ago. Wonder how many millions of surplus are left?
  18. thank you sir I feel much better, gonna eat me some steak tonight.It also proves james yeager deserves biggest douche in the universe nomination.
  19. Chris Wallace just announced on fox that the sanctions would not effect trade between the united states and russia. Hopefully this means commercial ammuntion exports will not be hurt, I take it that is what this means.
  20. yep open carry that smoke wagon. It is liberating to do every now and again.
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