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    Havent been to Bombingham nor "monkey town" in a long time. Lived and still own property in Salem (Lee County). Currently in country in GA. Previous poster who talked about country is "right on". A haul to the PO,but love stepping out my door to my own private range. Its legal to shoot on one's own property and everybody does it- Safely.
  2. Have My Saiga 12. It has the conversion, flashider and folding stock. Like it. Also have Gen 2 AGP 10rd mags- work great- and MD drum- works great .
  3. Similar question to above- on my SAIGA 12Ga, when I screw the gas regulaor all the way in (clockwise) until it stops, its about 1/5 of a turn past the TWO (2) setting. So, the Two (2) setting is the most closed setting. I have to open up (turn counter clockwise) the gas regulator another half turn to get it to One (1). So- For heavy loads, do I put the gas regulator on One (1) or Two (2)??? Any info appeciated. Thanx. I just found this in another post- answers my question: This. Take the plug out and hold it up to the gun where it would screw in. The back of the plug is what re
  4. 1-do they thread on or do they attach with a set screw? 2- adding a muzzle break to a Saiga 12 - how does it change the patterning? Two good questions? Any answers?
  5. I had a major problem with the polchoke on a Saiga 12 with 19"barrel and factory threads at end of barrel- Putting polychoke on caused POI to shift about 6" to right at 25 yds. I had a thread on it about a month or two back- Tromix answered that this problem was well known, explained why this happened and offered a solution- way above my machine work ability. Runs something like this- some? many? Saiga barrels are not concentric. So, when screwed on, the polychoke is slightly canted one way or the other. This throws pattern off. In my case, it shifted pattern 6" to right at 25 yd.
  6. How about an ACE Saiga side folder? You have to put it together, but it includes the pistol grip and is US Made etc. I think that Mississippi Arms carries them.
  7. Tony, VanKiller and GasGiant- thank you. It is the inner and outer barrel- not concentric etc. Tried the 1/4 turn on the polychoke- still shot to right. Took polychoke off/ put factory thread protector back on and POA= POI at 25 yds. As a side note- recoil seems to be "stiffer" with the factory thread protector then with the Shark Brake or Polychoke mounted. Lesson learned- Saigas may require machine work to get a polychoke to work correctly...bummer... and, I thought it was a simple screw-on. Ha! Anyhow, others will know now...
  8. Gentlemen, thank you. Will try the quarter turn with birdshoot and see what happens.... Bummer- oh, well. Just when you think that you have everything wired....something else... Heck, its shorter with the factory thread cover anyway...
  9. I put a polychoke on my Saiga 12 ga. At 25 yd and closer, with a Tromix Shark brake or factory thread cover, the factory sights were "right on" for slugs and though birdshot pattern was loose, it was centered. Now, with polychoke, slugs (at slug setting and Mod setting) are hitting 6-9 inches right at 25 yds. Birdshot (at mod or full) is also patterning to right- nice dense pattern, but definitely to right. Anyone know whats happening? thanks for any feedback.
  10. I soak it in kroil oil for an hour or so to allow the oil to seep in.
  11. Great question- I have the same one. Hope that someone has some help.
  12. Thank you, Gentlemen. Now I wont be putting any holes in my shotgun case, ha!
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