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  1. Would you use this on a turned down barrel, or just a non threaded one?
  2. Welcome to the party that started two weeks ago. Are the drums available for a FTF?
  3. Guess I'm too slow, but I'll trade you too and pay the shipping.
  4. I have a Tromix AR lower receiver, marked .458 SOCOM. I've never gotten around to building anything with it, and am considering selling it. Just how rare are the Tromix lowers? IIRC I bought this one here.
  5. I'm looking forward to next week's show too. Screw the arfcommers. I bet they'd not say that shit to Will's face.
  6. They hit 144 db, not 150. Sure, it's not like a .22 can, but that's impressive on a 12 gauge indoors like that.
  7. Where in S. Florida are you? I'm not familiar with these slings...where can I see a picture of how they hook up? ETA: Found the 3 point on RusMilitary
  8. We know that...you should really get over it and be happy with your penis, regardless of how small it is.
  9. Time will tell...I'm not ready to poo poo what a Chief tells me. I sure hope that nothing comes of it, but I suspect it's just delayed. Did anyone else think to just call?
  10. UPDATE I just had a nice long phone conversation with one of the head honchos over at ATF. There IS an announcement supposed to be posted today, but it's a STUDY. It's similar to one released 20 years ago, and clarifies the non importable features. As far as the Saiga 12, it should be safe, as the study identifies shotguns with detachable magazines with a capacity over 5 rounds, or drums. Since the Saiga is imported with 5 round mags, it does NOT fall into this category. #2 on the list was a bayonet lug. Know what has those? 1897 trench gun copies...and even though they're a repli
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