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  1. Buy mags ....Thats what there going after.
  2. I remember. I also have 9. . The prices are off the charts. going to sell a couple and go to Key west for the weekend.we did good holding on to them.
  3. I have a few non- metal lined Glock-19 mags with +2 base plates.
  4. Got 10 clear mags from surefire back during the limited run for CSS back in July 2009. All still wraped in factory plastic. Wish I would have bought more. Just picked up 5 of the AGP desert tan 10rds. here they are a limited run as well. I'll pick up 5 more when tax refund come in.
  5. The promag drum holds 12rds not 10. I have 4 and they all work flawlessly.
  6. Site does not give price or how to order.
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