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  1. A number of sources I've come across say it's a bad idea to shoot brass-cased ammo after the rifle has been shooting steel-cased stuff for a while, unless you clean the chamber area thoroughly first. Apparently both the lacquer-coated and polymer-coated steel cases can leave a residue in the chamber that causes the brass cases to stick, resulting in hard extraction. Some folks have even reported case-head separations, which often leads to one heck of a hassle removing the stuck headless case. Which also puts the gun out of action for a while. My Saiga 7.62x39 has the "feature", so i
  2. 3278 8723 3782 Thanks, Mike!
  3. Mike, I received my 20-rd mags today, and they look great! Thanks for a great job on them, excellent packaging, and prompt shipment. Won't get out to the range to test until this weekend, but if they run as all the others reviewed here, I'll be ordering more as soon as budget permits.
  4. I remember reading reading about a chamber insert for converting 30-06 chambers to .308 - has anyone investigated making a similar sleeve-type insert in the case neck area of a Saiga 7.62x39 chamber? Maybe heat the barrel/freeze the insert to insure retention, perhaps kissing after installation with a chamber reamer? Don't know how well that would work with a chrome plated chamber (probably not good for the reamer) - any thoughts?
  5. Dinzag's bullet guide is an excellent product - very well made. His on-line installation guide is very clear and comprehensive. Good stuff - highly recommended!
  6. Big Jim, doesn't Colorado have a state preemption law prohibiting municipalities from passing gun ordinances stricter than the state standard? Edit: found this website Colorado Confidential, among others, that indicates the state legislature passed preemption in 2003 and has voided local ordinances in several communities. Of course, the state ban on local laws is under appeal by the municipalities.
  7. Just placed an order for two more 10-rounders - no shipping charge was added. I'm to assume that these items are shipped free, then?
  8. Thanks to everyone for all the info - it helped make my decision. BTW, the Polytech and accessories went for $800 - I believe that's a bargain, yes? P.S. In the factory box, there was the original cone-type muzzle device, so now it's complete to boot!
  9. You might ask SAIGATECH if their 308 steel trigger guard will fit a 7.63x39 rifle.
  10. I think I can see a thread that is mangled, but it is kind of hard to tell- do you know what size die or exactly what tool I would need to try and fix this myself- I am not exactly what you would call "mechanically inclined" thanks for the quick reply too! If you're just dealing with a damaged start thread, one that isn't too terribly bad, use a small sharp triangular file instead of a die (expensive and hard to find) and knock off the displaced metal high spots. Use the undamaged portions of the thread to guide the file and don't take too much off. Clean off the filings, and chec
  11. Thanks for the advice - I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do. BTW, that one on GB ended up at $1575!!! Folks sure want these puppies when they find them...
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