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  1. Interesting that someone using an infowars logo wants to pay to locate "copycat" logos. I could really care less, just couldn't pass up the irony. Hope you both sell a ton for the movement.
  2. Not in the know, but would I need any special mounting hardware to put this on my 7.62? I was looking for a picture with this setup, but the only ones I found were top and bottom notched.
  3. I started with a 16" .223, and I did the Tapco non-converted stock on it, and the ergo was garbage. Then I got the 7.62 and did the whole sha-bang. A completely converted Saiga feels like a warm vagina. Conversion or no conversion, don't waste your time trying to do the middle route (stock FCG/cool stock). Either keep it stock, or the whole conversion.
  4. I'll have to call and verify they still have it in stock, then I'll be there. Thanks.
  5. I just did mine last week with a carriage bolt and washer. I didn't have an issue with the angle, as it went in place and tightened just fine. I did have an issue with the height of the bolt head and washer, but I grinded them down to fit just out of the way of the spring holding rod. (yeah, I'm sure that's not the correct term) I would have liked to just use the carriage bolt, but the head that would allow me to not need a washer had a thread size too thick to go through the PG handle.
  6. Just got my stock and grip in the mail today. Fast shipping considering the holidays and all. If I was smarter I would have picked up the nut for the PG too, but with my Nigerian Engineering Degree the hardware store will do me right. Thanks man.
  7. I could swear I saw a thread on making bullet guides at home to use AK mags, but with the clusterf&(k of information on this site and it's far superior search function, I can't find it.
  8. I've already done the trigger group on my 7.62, but I'd be interested in the grip and stock by themselves. If it comes to that, let me know.
  9. Thanks guys. I'm looking all over the forum and don't see this issue, and then I see the FCG page on dinzags site. If I weren't so new to this Saiga thing, I would have realized the triggers I bought at the gun show were double hook instead of single. As if I know the difference. I'll drill out the reciever.
  10. 7.62 Saiga Tapco AK double hook FCG Got everything installed, and the trigger is solid/won't move. There's a tang on the front of the trigger that seems to be held up by the reciever. Do I have to notch the reciever to allow this tang to move? Thanks in advance. Feel free to call me a dipshit.
  11. After buying my .223 Saiga 2 months ago for $359, I wanted a 7.62, but the retailer and distributor in MN (this week) said they don't have them, they don't know when they're coming again, and if they do arrive they'll be drastically higher in price. Went to a gun show today and a retailer had a 7.62 for $369 new. I bought it quick style. 1/2 experience with the local market. 1/2 pumped up over the steal today.
  12. Farmington, checking in. Let me see if I can sell my .223 to scoop this up.
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