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  1. For the love of innocent snakes everywhere, don't make reloading any easier for sparky.
  2. I jsut bought a nice Stack-ON Pro Series 24 gun safe at Dick's. Water fire and drill resistant, weighs a fucking ton, I converted the inside so half is gun cabinet half is shelves of ammo, came with lots of ways to change the inside. Was ~$600
  3. Yes, you can't leave mags full like that it will deform the first shell. I think if you store it with 1 less shell in there it might not deform.
  4. That thing is sweet, I dunno why people think it's ugly. Looks like its straight from Aliens. I like the idea of a high capacity shotgun that is simple and low profile like that.
  5. Since TAPCO is a business member and sells their products to a distributor, wouldn't buying from any distributor that sells TAPCO be supporting one of our business members? Just buy the damn thing somewhere.
  6. Yes, the pins will walk out of the rifle as you fire it and your FCG will fall apart as a result. There's 3 ways to retain the pins: shepherd's crook, little metal wire that will make you growl and scream and want to kill someone e-clips, little clips put in with tweezers that require almost surgical precision and will make you pissed off retaining plate, $5 takes 2 seconds to install and is so easy a monkey could do it
  7. Not like you could own that in Commiefornia anyway LOL Definitely a conversion.
  8. Nope. It's not that NYC is safe, it's that they are literally flooded with cops. NYPD has 25,000 troops, in comparison LAPD has 8,000. The crime rate just isn't through the roof because the city is one big prison essentially.
  9. It's cosmetic. ACE just doesn't look right. Tromix and DPH look terrible. DPH looks a little better than the Tromix one. The Bulgy looks sweet and is much lighter than both of those anyway.
  10. If you a regular AK stock and/or regular AK lower HG retainer, get the surplus AK sling on cheaper than dirt and you will be more than happy. If you have studs, get a set of uncle mike's QD swivels and the AK sling. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/SKS633-1.html
  11. I keep my ammo in the guns as well as in bandoliers and chest carrier that I wear 24/7. You can never be too prepared for a zombie attack.
  12. I like this idea a lot. The wife is wanting to redo the bedroom and this would fit nicely into those plans. Currently my Saiga 12 sits in the closet with the bolt open and a five round mag of OO buck. just a thought you might use 2 by 6 studs ply board then sheetrock over that ,good sound barrier as well . Sparky, what do you do when the snakes break into your house? AGP 12 rounder filled with 3" magnum 000 buck?
  13. I think that's a bit more tacticool than I am going to go with it. I am really just looking for a nice folding stock to use with it. I can't decide between the Tromix, DPH or just to use a standard Bulgarian side folder. I may just go with the Bulgy as it it's probably the cheapest route. I just figured with it not being a standard AK by using AR mags I may want to really trick it out. Gowith the bulgy. DPH looks awful and tromix is even worse IMO
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