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  1. KICK-EEZ Slip-over pad. After you experience the sorbothane they use in the kick-eez pad, you won't look back. All my limbsavers are gathering dust. Well worth it if you shoot a lot.
  2. Not plastic - but right now you will need a lot of mags, I only have 6. #1 is falling to the ground, #2 is in my hand - #3 thru #6 are still in the Tuff Products 8 in Line .308 pouch. Flap is tucked underneath.
  3. It would not ship to Kansas this morning...
  4. I was wondering if anybody has tried trap & skeet with your Saiga 12, and if so, what ammo and shot size you'd recommend. For the Skeet range, use 1-1/8 oz #9 shot loads with your Saiga's cylinder bore choke. I prefer the Winchester AA Heavy Skeet loads ($2 a box rebate going on right now). The #9 shot will put more pellets on the target, and increase your odds of breaking it in the fringe area on the outside of the pattern. If you don't shoot the skeet birds by mid-field (anything over about 25-30 yards), you may want to consider using an Improved Cylinder choke (or better yet a
  5. Yep. Mine thinks I'm looking for an email from another woman !
  6. This has nothing to do with Saiga-12s, so the moderators can move this as they see fit. My buddy called me from the 2008 Shot Show in Vegas this week to tell me about a new bullpup 12 ga. semi-auto shotgun that was on display. It has a 16 round detachable "4 tube" rotary feed system. Made by a company I'd never heard of located in Meridian, ID - SRM Arms. They call it their Model 1216. My buddy handled it and thought it was neat. Sounds interesting but the price would probably be a bit too high for me.... I know a lot of you guys like high-cap shotguns. I searched and found
  7. I fould that transitioning from a Remington 1100 26" vent rib to a Saiga-12 22" rib was harder than the transition from the Saiga-12 22" rib to a Saiga-12 19" with rifle sights. Generally speaking, a lighter gun and shorter barrel makes shooting skeet a little more difficult because it is much easier to inadvertantly slow/stop your swing with a lighter gun. I thought the rifle sights would be a problem, but it did not take long for me to adjust to them. The rifle sights are different and kind of non-traditional for skeet, but I think you will pick them up quickly. Adding the drum
  8. You may want to go to circlefly for the wads. Check out the following links: http://www.lolosportinggoods.com/magtechbrass.html http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/...leitemid=296286 http://www.wideners.com/itemdetail.cfm?ite...dir=210|212|237 http://www.jouster.com/cgi-bin/reload/relo...ames;read=19432 http://www.circlefly.com/html/bp_cartridges.html http://www.hammerdouble.com/index.html http://www.rockymountaincartridge.com/page7.html http://shakeypete.blogspot.com/2006/02/clo...rm-of-shot.html
  9. They updated their website 2 days ago and are now taking credit card deposits for the drum. I placed a deposit yesterday and was sent a confirmation via e-mail that stated "We expect delivery in approx. 6 weeks". Hope this helps.
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