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  1. Nice letter. You hit the appropriate points. Cops can't be everywhere and would we want enough police presence that they could? Would look like a police state. My son is a street cop and on one shift he was the supervisor. A street stop started to smell bad to him so he called for backup (one officer per patrol car here in Albuquerque, NM). It took 10 min for HIM to get backup so what hope do you think you have of a cop stoping a thug from invading your home and killing you if you don't defend yourself? Slim and none as you are well aware. The anti gun crowd are hypocrites. They
  2. I've had a number of issues with getting my Saiga "settled in." Defective scope, different mounts etc. I have the standard trigger and my bench setup wasn't the best but I've not been impressed with the groups using South African ammo. I intend to improve my bench setup and try some commercial Federal Premium ammo I have on hand. Do any of you think the ammo is part of the issue or that better results will be had with the Federal ammo? Thanks, Don.
  3. Tritium. I had a file from Eastwave, sorry I didn't get to it earlier. The file addresses a type of mechanism that is entirely different from the Weaver rail situation I have. There is a tiny toothed nut or locking mechanism on mine but it appears to be sealed by a dimpled plate that suggests that if I were to access it, it would no longer be functional. No expert here but it appears that there was no intent for this to be adjusted. Thanks, Don.
  4. Went to the range today and had a mixed bag. The second batch of FBMG mags I got were single shots everytime just like the first batch. Factory 8 rds were, as usual, flawless. Sort of stumped. Other issues, the locking bar on the Eastwave Weaver rail scope mount now isn't secure and the scope comes sliding back when you least expect it. Will adjusting it help or is it a design issue? Another guy was there with a Vepr in .308. He had a cheap looking scope marked VOMZ P4X32. I looked through it and was stunned. It was brighter than my Nikon Monarch and had a huge exit pupil, you c
  5. My first shipment of 20 rd mags did not function well at all. I emailed FBMG and they indicated that they were probably Beta test mags and to return them for exchange/replacement. I did so and got the replacements today. Obviously I haven't function tested them and hope they work as well as they have for others. Enclosed was a refund for my shipping costs. That is classy customer service. Don
  6. I think the product is a good one. David Tubb is a fantastic competitive shooter. I think it is intended for new stainless or chrome moly barrels that are a little rough or to speed break in, not for chrome lined bores such as the Saiga. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Don
  7. Thanks for the responses. As I said, I am not going to reload lead slugs. For that matter, as long as I can get Wolf or other cheap ammo for "plinking" I have no intention of reloading for the .308. What little serious hunting I might do will be covered with premium factory ammo. I reload for my big bores, a .500 S&W and .458 only. Don
  8. Just a curiosity question here, I'm not planning on reloading lead slugs for the gun. I assume that the lead slugs might foul the gas port on the gun. Is that correct or would they work if someone was so inclined?
  9. I believe the .308 Saiga has a twist of 1 in 320mm or about 1 in 12.6". That means it will have trouble stabilizing longer bullets at velocities that the .308 can safely achieve. I do know that Barnes Bullets told me that their heavier bullets (don't think that applies to the MRX) won't do well in our twist. I think a Barnes MRX would do well and I'd bet big time that 150gr Barnes Triple Shock or Winchester Fail Safe will put the hurt on any pig shot at any position. Those slugs just don't break up or significantly deform. Don
  10. Got my mags yesterday. Wish I had time to try them. The followers seem to move without tipping either toward the front or rear of the mag and do not bind. They certainly look like quality work. Thanks much. Don
  11. While I usually agree that to a significant extent you get what you pay for, I think some of the "name" scopes are overpriced. I think the Simmons I recommended would outperform many Leupolds at a fraction of the cost. Hold the flames please, I've looked through my son's $1200 Leupold 4-12X Tactical and I wasn't at all impressed. No doubt it is far more rugged but I don't dump my guns on the ground either. So, I think you can get fine optics at a modest price. Bushnell Elites and Weaver Grand Slams have excellent reputations both bargains compared with many. Don
  12. Try Simmons Master Series Pro Hunters. Quite reasonable, very nice optics. Don
  13. Kyrinn, the new gun looks slick. I did Google it but that particular variant wasn't on their website unless I missed something. Don
  14. Kyrinn, the decisions you make about the Saiga are yours, as valid as anyones. I would only comment that I haven't paid much more for S. African .308 than low ball .223 ammo and I like the vastly greater down range performance. In any event, I love to see involved female shooters. I think an enthusiastic female is worth 10 men in terms of encouraging more women to shoot and dulling the effects of the antis. Hope you like the new Arsenal, I'll have to Google it as I am not familiar with that gun. Don
  15. Not trying to be argumentative but I've gotten the impression that many M1As aren't any more accurate out of the box than a Saiga .308. No first hand knowledge here, though. In any event, doesn't make me envious of the M1A, happy with my Saiga. Don
  16. With groundhogs, there's no such thing as too much. It's only too much if the recoil bothers you. When I was a teenager (LONG time ago), the only thing I had to shoot ghogs with was a 7mm Rem Mag. Shot at a small one offhand at about 80 yds. When the gun came out of recoil I thought I had missed. Went to the site and found some meat hanging on the barbed wire. Pest felt no pain. Don
  17. To me, a sign of a good forum is when members like Tritium share good deals with others rather than keeping the info to themselves. Personally, I don't know where all the surplus ammo is going, is it really sold out or are large distributors holding it off the market hoping for larger profits? I can understand Wolf sending new production to Iraq. Don
  18. Tritium, thanks for the assist. I have ordered from AIM, I guess my link wasn't working. As before, they were friendly and I got three more of the battle packs. Should be enough for quite a while. Don
  19. I thought I posted this earlier but it isn't on the forum. It appears that low cost, non-remanufactured ammo is drying up. I usually buy from Natchez and they have none, saying that Wolf is shipping all its production to Iraq. Called Cabela's and Midway with no success other than Midway having some generic Winchester made by Wolf but the min purchase was 500 rds, more than I need right now. Anyone have any sources for good surplus like Australian or S. African or new Wolf? Thanks Don.
  20. Panch et all, the mini catalog 3-06 shows the steel case ammo listing as $4.61 a box, and $3.63 a box for case lots. This sale ends Oct 31. The flyer sales are sometimes not reflected on the website if I'm not mistaken. Here again, I am only reading what the catalog says but Natchez doesn't argue, if there is a valid sale somewhere, they'll give it to you. Don
  21. Has anyone had any recent experience with Wolf in .308? Natchez has a very nice sale going on with a case price of $3.63/box of 20 + shipping. Don
  22. I have one on a .458. They do work but in my opinion, the improvement isn't dramatic. In my opinion, I would use a more effective pad like Hi Vis' X-coil, Pachmayr Decerator or Sims Vib Lab and use a Past Recoil Pad when shooting from the bench or when shooting prone for many rounds. Then you'll still have the versatility of a lighter gun that you wish. Don
  23. I'll state at the outset that I know nothing of the legalities of importing foreign semi autos like the Saiga. FBMG has taken the initiative to meet the needs of this group of enthusiasts and I appreciate their efforts. Looking forward to my mags. Bottom line, if there is a legal problem with these mags, there shouldn't be. ATF should change their regs. Banning FBMGs' 20 rounders is illogical. I know, I know, logic has little to do with the bureaucracy. Don
  24. Harpoon

    Fixed .308

    FINALLY. I have been piddling around and mostly been frustrated. Started out with an EAA mount and a new Simmons Master Series Pro Hunter 3-9X scope as my older eyes don't work on the blade front so far away from the eye. That didn't work at all, just more frustration as it turned out the scope was defective. Got an Eastwave Weaver style side mount and a replacement Simmons. Went to the range today and had a really nice time. After I fixed some loose attachments, the gun finally grouped like I wanted it to. No measurements, my position and equipment I took to the range were not the
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