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  1. Guer0

    Sig Sauer Rainbow Gun

    The wife has the 238 in the rainbow titanium finish. Definately a finish designed for women
  2. I am looking to add a Picatinny rail to my top cover. Does anyone know of anyplace that has rails with the bottom contoured to the top cover of an AK? All I have been able to find is flat bottomed. Thanks in advance for any help or info
  3. Guer0

    TAC 47 Industries " M.A.G. 12 " Magwell

    Im in on the contest and also would love to see it able to accept drums
  4. Guer0

    Input needed on why my AK100 folder changed

    Just when I thought I had this project wrapped up, damn! Does your stock stay latched when folded with a mag locked in? When I put a mag in, the lip on the mag pushes on the latch inside the receiver, releasing the stock. Yes it stays latched. No issues there. Sounds like the latch isn't in the correct position, or it is not a Russian latch and may be out of spec because the mag shouldn't hit it. Not sure on that 1.
  5. Guer0

    Input needed on why my AK100 folder changed

    No other Ideas then since mine is factory and no conversion. Good luck with it.
  6. Guer0

    Input needed on why my AK100 folder changed

    Looking at you pics your butt pad is hitting the hand guard. Remove it and put on the original butt plate and see if you still have an issue. I know mine an original 12C not modified doesn't latch all the way with the AK100 butt pad on it like it did with the factory butt plate. Hope this helps
  7. Guer0

    SBS length Question

    Thanks Bob That definitely helped. Knowing that Tony moves the block back 3.75" for 8" or 10" guns and 2" for 12" I can just measure from the rear of the receiver to the front of the gas block and subtract the desired amount. Any other builders out there care to chime in as to what you move yours back to?
  8. Guer0

    SBS length Question

    On a Saiga 12 SBS with a shortened gas system what is the length from the rear of the receiver to the front of the gas block? If different companies do it different lengths please post what yours is and what barrel length. I am thinking of a new project but need to figure this out to see if it would work. Thanks in advance:
  9. Guer0

    A new direction for MD Arms;

    Pretty damned crappy that asshats have to hijack Mike's thread on his forum for their bickering. Why don't you take it to the fight forum. So people that are genuinely interested in his products don't have to see your childish whining. It is obvious that ShottyOne is just a troll. They are not even a contributor. Sadly when you block someones post the forum still sends a notice when they post in a thread you are watching. Cant an admin or Mike block this fool from posting in Mike's forum.
  10. Guer0

    A new direction for MD Arms;

    You almost summed it up perfectly in 1 word though. Premature should be immature...That's all there is too it. Kids think they have to have what they want now. When they don't get it whining and throwing a tantrum on the floor commences.
  11. Guer0

    A new direction for MD Arms;

    There would be a bigger demand for quality 5.56x45 mags over 7.62x39. Especially higher cap like these. There are an abundance of mags and drums for 7.62x39, but not for 5.45x39 or 5.56x45. And there are always people looking for quality 5.56x45 AK mags and they can be pricy when found and as far as drums good luck finding 1.
  12. Guer0

    A new direction for MD Arms;

    No answer to if you plan on making mags for 5.56x45
  13. Guer0

    A new direction for MD Arms;

    Any plans for 5.56 mags?? Could make a killing in that dept. I would gladly pre-order for those if they fit the Bulggys.
  14. Guer0

    Saiga 12 and MD20 in music video

    Because it isn't converted, so it is a stock gun. As such it is only legally able to have the factory 5 round magazine
  15. Guer0

    K-var has FS/GB combos

    also barrel as the 12-030 front trunion uses a different diameter barrel as well