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  1. jekbrown

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    My contest entry from a few years back...
  2. jekbrown

    Saiga Unlimited

    I'd be interested in a sanely priced belt fed system for ARs and AKs. Be a fun conversion for the AES-10B. Probably not personally as interested in a 12ga version, but that's just me!
  3. What rear sight setups would be compatible with the deluxe tall version?
  4. jekbrown

    AK-style front sights?

    Hey guys. A couple different companies sell AK-style AK front sights for AKs, some of which seem to be taller than the factory front sight the gas block. I'm planning on SBRing my S12 to 10" and I'd like to run such a front sight. The question is, what are the rear sight options worth considering for these "tall" front sights? I presume something rail-mounted would be too tall, but without buying/trying, it's hard to say. Most retailers selling these are short on compatibility details...
  5. jekbrown

    Any news on the DOUBLE STACK MAGS or did I miss it???

    JC, just make them! Plenty of S12s and compatible guns out there. I'd prolly buy $500+ of them myself.
  6. jekbrown

    Any news on the DOUBLE STACK MAGS or did I miss it???

    New Saiga's may not be coming in, but DDIs and the eventual Chaos shotty are. I don't think the S12 is dead. There's certainly a large installed user base, almost all of which would kill for a double stack.
  7. jekbrown

    Any news on the DOUBLE STACK MAGS or did I miss it???

    If the design works, he's throwing away $$$ by not licensing the design out to one of the manufacturers. With the right agreement he could make good money from his design. Honestly i don't care how they come to market, so long as they DO come to market...
  8. I'm fine with F/O for a front sight, I just don't like my front sight mounted half way down the bbl. I also don't think of AR stocks as collapsing... more like slightly adjustable for LOP. you are dead on that no gun satisfies everyone. I'd like to get one of these guns, they just don't appear to be perfect in stock form. Speaking of which, I'm really not sure what I'd do with the stock. I'd never put an AR stock on there, that's offensive to my sensibilities. Prolly keep it stock or figure out a way to convert it to AK style... probably at great expense. Meh.
  9. I'm interested. I LOVE the safety, rear sight, and LH charging. IMO all semi auto long guns should be LH charging. The STG 44 was LHC for a reason. I'm not biased against China. They can make things there...the question is just what the QC is like. If you can make iphones, smart TVs, xbox ones, split the atom, and launch people into space, you can make guns just fine. The question is, will they? What I don't like is the stock set up or the front sight. I'd much rather see a front sight set up like a normal AK for max sight radius. On the stock front, it's horrible design to use a buffer-tube stock set up on a gun that doesn't functionally need it. It totally kills collapsible stocks by unecessarily limiting travel and cam make folding options much more expensive too...all for zero benefit. There are TONS of AK stock options now. Just put a regular old straight-back rear trunion on there and call it good. The only time people complain about AK rear trunions is when they are weird odd-ball crap. I would have also liked to see a 18.1" bbl. I know it's less than an inch difference, but for those of us in states where SBSs are completely banned, I'll take the minimum bbl length I can get.
  10. jekbrown

    Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12

    Potentially dumb question: would these work in combo with the H&K style rear sight from a chaos rail system? Or are they yoo differeny in height? I'd like to maximize my sight radius and add to the "AK look" of a FSB type set up...
  11. jekbrown

    Double Stack Pics

    I've never shot my S12 with a 5 or 8 round mag. 10s and 12s only...so that's what I am "used to". my vote remains the same: a mag no longer than the 10 rounder, whatever the resulting capacity is.
  12. jekbrown

    Is this real? Did Obama ban SAIGA?

    I wouldn't worry about the aftermarket. Look at cars. You can still find newly manufactured parts for muscle cars from the 60s and 70s. There aren't that many of these cars left on the road, but the demand is there and as a result the manufacturers are also. We should be fine. Obama will just cost us more money, which is his standard MO.
  13. jekbrown

    Help!! Minimize Kick,Recoil In a Saiga 12??

    make a mount that is S12 compatible and let the bird absorb all the recoil. Problem solved!
  14. jekbrown

    Double Stack Pics

    I'd rather he be slaving away in the shop to get shit done than spending all day trolling the introwebs.