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  1. So far, every KS-12 I've worked with has been top notch. I've got one with several thousand rounds through it at this point, and the gun runs beautifully. Still very impressed.
  2. Looks like the hammer's been profiled. Other than that, looks pretty standard. I'm curious about what if any other work has been done to the gun, As for the rear trunnion, I've seen this before on a Saiga that came in with the rear trunnion which had been run with several cases of 3" magnum shells on gas setting #2. We just replaced the rear trunnion, and educated the customer with regard to proper gas system settings. As far as I know that took care of the problem.
  3. Cancelled my subscription this morning. Netflix will never get another dime from me. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/21/us/politics/barack-obama-netflix-show.html
  4. Just means other retailers will make up the difference and profit from the opportunity, manufacturer orders will increase to meet demand, and consumers will get newer generation guns from vendors who actually give a shit about their business. How's that for Win/ Win/ Win?
  5. That is fucking classic! Thanks for posting, Patriot. OORAH!!! Semper Fi, Gunny. Rest in peace.
  6. Personally, I hope we are using every tool at our disposal - with absolutely no holds barred. Obama's 'window dressing' efforts to appear to deal with terrorists from a distance failed miserably, and created the conditions for ISIS to organize and flourish. Appearances be damned. We have work to do. It is more about actually getting the target, and not providing anything to be used as propaganda. Drone bombings over the last few years often missed their targets, people would be marked as having been eliminated when it was some nobody that got killed.. I think at least a few
  7. Personally, I hope we are using every tool at our disposal - with absolutely no holds barred. Obama's 'window dressing' efforts to appear to deal with terrorists from a distance failed miserably, and created the conditions for ISIS to organize and flourish. Appearances be damned. We have work to do.
  8. Trump's CIA Has Set Up Teams To Kill Terrorists https://www.buzzfeed.com/aramroston/cia-trump-kill-teams-terrorists?utm_term=.rn9Q88Zzx#.cd1DYYOnk
  9. Your question makes an assumption that there is no interest in Russian Kalashnikov pattern shotguns. Respectfully, that simply isn't true. In fact, we are finding quite the opposite to be true. There is still tremendous interest in the platform. Unfortunately, since the bans, supply is the bottleneck. Scarcity and rising prices for existing stock put the base guns (when you can find them) out of reach for many consumers who would love to own a Russian AK shotgun. There are plenty of Chinese clones floating around, but these will cost the average consumer $600 or more with tax, shipping
  10. I think its "coward" county now. BH ^^^ This.... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/02/26/florida-deputy-denies-he-coward-during-school-shooting/373385002/
  11. The fact that four deputies hid while children were being slaughtered is gut wrenching. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” JFK - quoting Edmund Burke
  12. Actually, he could pretty much do nothing about that issue and divert the attention to something else. He does it all the time. It works when he does that. He just doesn't have any conservative ideology. He's a big idea guy, and a power guy, and a poke the other guys in the eye guy. We all knew it, but some of us wanted to kid ourselves about it, because for the last 2 years he was mostly poking guys we didn't like in the eye. (Never mind the rest of his life...) The fact that hillary is worse never made him trustworthy. Well, this ^^^ Early on, when Dagen McDowell was aske
  13. All the idiot (Pappalardo) accomplished was to create an illegal SBR, and broadcast his crime nationwide. Nice work, retard.
  14. Functionally, the KS-12 is exactly the same as an S12, there is absolutely no difference. In terms of materials quality, there are also absolutely no caveats. No downside. Trunnions, bolt, bolt carrier, carrier rails, gas block, and even carrier rails are all top notch. All parts are 100% interchangeable with Saiga 12 parts. From a builder's perspective, you'll need to pay attention to the tighter tolerances. There is absolutely no "wiggle room". I look forward to seeing that 6.5" SBS build, Anthony
  15. Well, here's my most recent favorite. Actually a KS-12.
  16. Very cool Mike. Looks like a lot of fun! Do you still have that Russian PKM we shot in Arkansas?
  17. Glad you're here to tell us about it! Take care, and be well. Mike
  18. Its been in the high 50's, low 60's every day here in North Central NM. Jacket in the morning. T-shirt in the afternoon.
  19. Thanks YOT. Good suggestion. Yeah, even with a brake on the gun, at a cyclic rate of 6 rounds per second the gasses exiting the muzzle tend to lift the target up and keep it up. i've got some heavy duty steel binder clips here that would work (cheap and disposable), and will try them -- bearing in mind that the targets themselves are usually completely shredded within two or three mags, and whatever I use is most likely going to end up on the range floor.
  20. Built for nighttime hog eradication. Range test video: Loved the brake from HightechCC, but after range testing I found a chunk of the inner wall missing, and replaced it with a tried and true Lone Star Arms 'Recoil Buster' brake.
  21. I'm left scratching my head. Spoke with Makc this morning about the recent flood of spammers on the forum. During the course of our Conversation Makc assured me his birthday is definitely in March. He's got some interesting new optics offerings!
  22. this thread is worthless without pics!! Same picture as in my gallery... Nice work, YOT. Very nice work.
  23. Dinzag is very much in business, and a reliable source for parts. The owner has a day job, and it can take a couple of days for him to respond. I use Dinzag parts, and tools. They're always top notch, and work as advertised. Brian a dedicated enthusiast, a real professional, is one of the original vendors on the forum, and helped 'write the book' on Saiga upgrades and performance work. We're lucky to have him.
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