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  1. TPABA

    Notch vs Rail

    2001... iz108 vent rib any after thoughts? would love to hear from a iz109 owner who retained the original sights
  2. TPABA

    Notch vs Rail

    Which one is better? Positives and negatives.... I'm starting to wish I got the notch site instead. Any comments?
  3. some people speak before thinking some people post before reading I only noticed one thread and that was after starting this one. Just sad that what worked for me almost 10 years ago is suddenly not okay. It used to be fine for a college freshman to choose a semi-auto hunting shotgun that is reliable, inexpensive, durable and versatile. Now, only expensive options are available even though more people are going through financial difficulties.
  4. On July 16, 2014, President Obama issued an executive order banning all current and future Izhmash products from importation into the United States.[8] - Wikipedia.org http://www.businessinsider.com/treasury-on-kalashnikov-2014-7
  5. Ha so it does, that does look ugly. I happen to like how the slide grip looks on my brothers RTF2 model 22.
  6. Would somebody be so kind as to explain how to post a picture on here. After I upload the picture, how do I find its url?
  7. We don't have a magazine limit in this state for deer or turkey... but I wanted at least one two rounder for geese. I couldn't find any either.
  8. TPABA

    2-round magazines

    So... in other words... they are no longer available.
  9. TPABA

    AGP Mags

    Mine is too big to carry as a backup while deer hunting. The 8-rounder is plenty. I'll save mine for combat.
  10. What happened to them? Where to find? How much?
  11. TPABA

    Saiga 12 recoil

    I've got a green one... no problems yet. I think I'm finally going to stain that buttstock I got from BattleRifle. Turkey hunting is next week.
  12. I'm still stuck on the Glock 23. Now I'm also thinking about a Glock 27 as a backup to the 23. Anyone have any pictures?
  13. Glock 23 isn't exactly full size. Is it really that uncomfortable to carry with?
  14. Looks amazing. Is it select-fire?
  15. I would think a Glock27 is a little small for practical purposes. I'm sure it's an awesome backup weapon, but what if it's all you got against something much bigger?
  16. What do you think? Mainly for self defense purposes. What are your thoughts on 9x19mm vs .40 S&W? Can I legally get a magazine bigger than 10 rounds for the G23?
  17. I only have one saiga... how many mags do I need? I've got one five, one eight, and one ten.... I wish I had a two rounder, but haven't been able to locate one for a really good price yet.
  18. TPABA


    I shot 3" winchester slugs during deer season. The only problem was that if I put in two 3 inch slugs last and the rest were 2.75" slugs; so when I loaded, one 3" slug would be chambered and one would be second in place with 2.75" shells following them. But when I was shooting at a deer, the first shot no problem, but the second 3" shell jammed. My first jam with my saiga-12. I stood there in a state of shock. So, now I load just the first slug (the one that gets chambered) as a 3" magnum, the rest are 2 and 3/4... and problem solved. I have never tried gas setting #2, probably never
  19. You count the shells? With a Kalashnikov weapon, you don't count rounds, you count wars.
  20. Yay! Green blackjack... all the way. I have only shot slugs out of my S12, and it always cycles, whether 3" or 2 3/4... it eats them all up.
  21. Looks nice... Hey Cobra... where did you order it from?
  22. Yeah, I think I ordered just now, but... I wrote the expiration date wrong, and it said the card was already expired. It doesn't expire till next year, though. It did say I already placed an order... so I hope all is well.
  23. Do I order them from gunsource.com?
  24. I didn't give you my credit card number, but I did say sign me up. I don't buy anything until I know the price.
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