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  1. I don't have the Droid X, but I do have the original Droid(totally modded of course ). The Droid X is an awesome phone. I wish I could snag one! TOOL APPS: Barcode Scanner - Lets you scan barcodes using the camera. Mainly used to shortcut to the download section of other apps. Shazam - Its and app that you can use to listen to a song and it will identify what song it is. Works wonders believe it or not. Launcher Pro - If you get sick of the way the DroidX looks and want to customize it Launcher Pro easily lets you do it. PowerAMP - I strongly suggest this music player app
  2. 4 hours later I have learned a lesson: Never let the Saiga go 1000ish rounds and 4 months without cleaning.

    1. Klassy Kalashnikov
    2. ktcm7271


      Been there, it took a breaker bar to get that plug off!

    3. camon


      Yea shotgun. The fouling inside was so caked that I could not get the puck out with out first chiseling the caked carbon off.

  3. Cant wait! Anticipation is killer!
  4. Thank you for the Arpaio bounty thread and all the hilarity that is inside it.

    1. chevyman097


      You know, I totally missed that one. Just couldnt bring myself to go back into it. lol

  5. OMG I won a drum!?! WOO HOO! Thanks Mike! Address SENT!
  6. 6.9 earth quqke just rocked Baja California, Mexico.

  7. Every single round sounds like gas ports or magazine is a good start.
  8. I don't understand how people can be so disassociated from firearms that the mire sight of one frightens them. It would be a totally different situation if they where involved in a firearm related situation that was traumatizing, but I highly doubt this is the case most of the time. I will continue to open carry whenever I feel the need or desire. I just hope the gun hating hippies stay the fuck out of Az. In AZ you are not required to provide ID unless you A) are being detained, or B ) are Concealed Carrying with permit. However, you are required to provide your name.
  9. camon

    AGP Mags

    Welp, add me to the failure list. Got my AGP Gen 2mag less than 6 months ago, follower spring just snapped into 4 pieces.
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