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  1. Very interested in this also. Just got a used 308 and on the 1st cleaning this pin flew out and is loose. Is this a job for red loctitie on the ends of the pin or something better?
  2. mossb


    I like the Ace stuff which I have for the S12. I just got the Strikehard AK47 Vest for the Saiga 223 and Really like it. You can hold 4 Surefire 30 round mags in the 4 front mag pouches and another two in the left and right side pouches. There's also a large pocket behind these for more mags if need be. Just let Todd know it's for a Saiga. Good dude to deal with and Made in the USA. http://www.strikehardgear.com/ak-47-chest-rig/
  3. This was a good read. It seems that as a loner, the percentages are against me. One line stood out; Oh and btw, where's the best place to get 5 gallon buckets of alcohol? Five gallon buckets of alcohol? That would be AMAZING!!! No seriously... http://www.amazingstill.com/ Never tried it...
  4. Here's a real-life account from Bosnia rather than specualtion: http://www.tacticali...and-account.htm
  5. Thought I'd add this here. Go all brass or all steel. Don't mix without cleaniing in between. http://www.theboxotr.../docs/edu18.htm
  6. No, not normal. Check this thread and contact Brian. He took car of mine since 308 safeties are shorter and vary from one 308 to the next. Brian did a great job. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/11427-safety-problem/
  7. I have the Ace for 4 Saiga 12 AGP 10-rounders and like it. Well made but huge loud velcro if that's a concern. http://acecase.com/magazine-pouch-saiga-4-pack.html Just ordered this for 223. Won't arrive for a few weeks. http://www.strikehardgear.com/ak-47-chest-rig/#reviews
  8. Very nice. I'm in the same TWS boat. Netpackrat, are these the Burris rings you mentioned? Thanks http://www.midwayusa.com/product/810257/burris-1-xtreme-tactical-picatinny-style-rings-matte-extra-high
  9. Yep, like TJohn said, it only affects some. To make that funky 308 stock trigger work, I believe they modified the 308 safety a bit. My 308 was an older 22 inch so that's why I brought up the safety check issue. Brian said my safety was way shorter than any one he had seen and added material to it. Perfect job he did. I also had him notch the safety to use as a bolt-hold open and I believe he added material to the trigger to compensate for not putting the original bolt hold open back in: http://www.dinzagarms.com/saiga_762x39/sslbho.html I think you'll be happy with the conversio
  10. Used retaining plate. Works great and it's easy. As I recall, the toughest part of converting was grinding down the spot weld with a dremel. After you convert be sure to run this test: http://forum.saiga-1...safety-problem/ If you have this issue just email Brian (DINZAG) for suggestions. I actually mailed him my FCG and safety which was way too short. He added material to it and did a great job. Always 2 thumbs up for Brian.
  11. As you guys know, the 3rd picture in the link below shows where to file....just providing it for reference for new people. http://www.keepshooting.com/manuals/saiga-12-mags.htm I'd suggest concentrating on the top half portion of this rectangular area first and slightly rounding the top edge (this is how my stock Saiga mag came when I looked closely. Try to leave the sharp lower lip/part as intact as possible--still had to remove some though. I, too, was removing a lot on my first attempts but found working on the top half provided faster and better results and more like the dimensio
  12. Brian's products and services are outstanding. He responds to all emails (well, he did take an hour off when his wife went into labor!) My conversion on a 308 was a tricky one and Brian stepped up and helped out well beyond the call of duty. Thanks again Brian. Will definitely buy more in the future. Can't recommend DINZAG enough!
  13. mossb

    Any word on the Herter's 308 being Wolf? Thanks...

  14. Herters is Wolf. One of the Herter's 7.62 x 39 ads on the Cabela's website has a cartridge lying with the bottom facing toward you. ZOOM it 3 times and you'll see the word WOLF. EDIT: HERE YOU GO>>> http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?id=0074335217256a&type=product&cmCat=SEARCH_all_NYR&returnPage=search-results1.jsp&QueryText=herters&Ntk=Products&sort=all&Go.y=0&_D%3AhasJS=+&Nty=1&hasJS=true&Ne=2510&nyr=1&N=4879&_DARGS=%2Fcabelas%2Fen%2Fcommon%2Fsearch%2Fsearch-box.jsp.form23&Go.x=0&_dync
  15. mossb

    308 Firing Pins

    Howzit JulianH, I figured I'd give it a shot and email RAAC after hearing about the legal proceedings at the Russian plant (management/financial shake-up). I figured if production on the rifles is delayed, just send the parts to the States! I think the parts business would be a winner for RAAC and its chosen retailers. Just call them "spare parts" rather than "replacement parts" since Saiga parts never break...
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