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  1. I have watched those same slow mo's If you are shooting hundreds of thousands of rounds, imagine a minor defect could be found. I think forged steel is the best....that "less flex" = somewhat better accuaracy and shot placement under multifire situations due to rigid barrel and less muzzle rise (with proper attachment) I have inspected my bulgarian milled firearms meticuously and under a scope.....solid Nothing wrong with a good stamped....have a few and doubt that there are many of us on this forum that have the cash for the amount of ammo that would require any type of meaningfu
  2. Love my SAM7R-61 and SAM7K from KVAR Virtually no muzzle rise out of that rifle and accurate
  3. Good deal....would have bought it, but mine showed up from KVAR today.......
  4. Iron wood designs is the way to go or get yourself some 50's era Russian Laminate and rework it....
  5. This guy helped me out in the past....Me and my son were paying $160 per month for the two of us......pretty good insurance for sure Greg Koch 484-334-2110 Office 866-446-0987 Toll free KochInsBrokers@Gmail.com Licensed Insurance Broker
  6. Was willing to pay intitial bid price, but the "buy it now price" is retarded high
  7. Shipped sailed on the VEPR WITHDRAWN
  8. Add around $500 in bolt and trigger work......you got a rifle with really nice wood for a few $100
  9. I really dont want to sell, but I see a VEPR 54 that I like better and my income will not allow me to have both So I will be happy either way The optic and the drum are worth close to $400 alone......
  10. 2 days left....until ad is pulled.....
  11. I would NEVER let a opossum disarm me like that!
  12. Will throw in a 75 round drum.....really want this VEPR
  13. $500 is prob the best you will find......but ya never know.....
  14. a bit pricey http://www.armslist.com/posts/2333301/amarillo-texas-rifles-for-sale--saiga-7-62x39 http://www.gunsamerica.com/980499914/SAIGA_16_5_BBL_7_62X39_AK_MAGS_FREE_SHIPPING.htm http://forum.pafoa.org/firearms-6/234537-saiga-ak47-7-62x39.html
  15. Just saw the gun I want....... Will sell mine $1250 this weekend price only.......If it doesnt sell for this price, I guess it just wont sell.....
  16. I have used the board extensively with great results.....just thought a hard copy would be cool....
  17. Whats your opinion? Might be my Christmas present...... http://www.amazon.com/Panteao-Productions-Ready-Fuller-Armorers/dp/B007ZQT102/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384524594&sr=8-1&keywords=ak+armorer%27s+bench
  18. Ok there is only one way to figure this all out........ Everyone.....Send me ALL your drugs I will let you know how they affected me
  19. Dont think so......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUO-lPubXeI#t=304 This would be a blast
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