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  1. CRAP! I made maybe 2 or 3 before sending mine in just to get a plan of action and only 1 call to check on the progress a few weeks in. Some people can be very controlling.
  2. Were you the one at Eagle Creek? If so, I knew something had to be completely wrong with it. That sucks that they are screwing them up at the factory.
  3. my tracking number says it mine are not expected to be delivered until the 16th. Oh well, not like my gun is together or anything.
  4. A guy that frequents the range I work at (he is an ex-employee himself) makes military mag pouches and such and said he could easily make some with my 10 rounders as a guide. His stuff is very high quality. If anyone else is interested let me know. I know I want a chest rig that will hold up to 4 of the 10 round Saiga mags and at least 6 AR mags.
  5. It doesn't matter which way you set it up. With the (cut the tang) interior block you are going to have that funky angle. You just reminded me why I just sent mine to Tony.
  6. It looks like the stock is set up to fold right and because of it has a funny upward angle when opened, instead of a drop. Other than that it looks like a decent setup.
  7. Sweet. I haven't checked my e-mail yet, but come fri. the money will be ready and waiting. ETA: yeah got it and let them know I am ready for the 10 round goodness. I need to finish tuning the last round bolt hold open I got from Jeric this weekend and I will have 31 rounds flying in probably under 10 seconds including mag changes. I cannot wait.
  8. Depends. That is a pretty nice setup with the rechageable batteries and all. The quality of the light is the big thing. A light that flies apart after 10 shots is not worth the money, even if it was close to free. Oh I forgot to mention Digilight. I hear they are pretty robust and they do not cost a lot. tactical lights here can run from about $20 to well over $600 (Surefires alone range from $35 to over $600). It is all in the construction, design, power, and what you want your light to do. I just noticed that light is a Ledwave brand light. They are prety new around here an
  9. I have a green one. I cannot tell a difference really. It has not caused any failures to feed. I do get the occasional stove-pipe from some brands of cheap ass bulk pack target loads, but it does that with or without the buffer (I know, I tried). The full power stuff cycles with no problem.
  10. Look for Surefire (the best, but the most expensive) or Pentagon Light (still good, but less expensive). There are many others, but those two I know work well and will not break with the 12 gauge recoil.
  11. That's what I wanted to hear. That is what I want to SEE.
  12. I avoid "reduced recoil" loads for cycling sake. I try to keep it 2 3/4" only as I feel that a 3" is just overkill for two legged predators. Plus I like the faster follow up shots. I go with mainly 00 buck, but they gel tests of #1 I have seen show that it is pretty nasty when it hits (enterance looks like hamburger with wound channels coming out of it, where as the 00, just looks like it got shot 9 times). I cannot find very many #1 loads, so I stick with 00. I just got some Wolf 2 3/4" slugs to try out, but I got a shotgun for a reason, for buckshot. I did try some Hornady TAP I hav
  13. +1 They look better converted anyways. The grip/stock doohicky for the unconverted ones look goofy IMO. Not nearly as AK-like as a nicely converted one (like Tony does). I liked my S12 before, but ever since Tony gave it his touch, I friggin LOVE it now.
  14. I think I have a woody!!! I soooo cannot wait to get mine.
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