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  1. Found Magpul PMAG 30 rounder's for 13.50 at the PX today, guess FLW does have some perks!

    1. Shandlanos
    2. self_inflicted


      Oh sorry, it's the Exchange on Fort Leonard-Wood. A lot of shops on base have been getting them in stock.

    3. Shandlanos


      Cool, I had no idea such things were sold on base.


      Never seen much gun-related at any BX I've been in.

  2. 300 rounds of 5.7x28, it was $30 a box, 50 rounds each, pricey, but it made my PS90 happy!
  3. I have a SLR 106UR and I use the Zahal brand AKS 74U "Krinkov" rail system for mine (can't post the link, but google should do the trick), its a bit pricey but it's a very solid hand guard. Hope that helps!
  4. I would like to have the option of at least being able to purchase the wood stock, they do look sharp. V/R S_I
  5. self_inflicted

    I will second that!
  6. I'm sorry it's a bit late, but a big +1 to akastormi. He saved the day by providing me with a surplus M44 stock when my original one developed a rather large crack. The offer for the M44 stock was completely unexpected, but greatly appreciated; I will post pic's once the stock is refinished! Again thanks! V/R S_I
  7. Thank you for the advice, would it matter, in your opinion, if I get the Gorilla Glue all the way in the crack, or just part of the way? The way this crack is, I would only be able to expose the initial outer layer to the Gorilla Glue with the hope that some of it would seep into the crack just under the surface. Thank you, V/R S_I
  8. Hello to all, I have recently acquired a fixer upper 1944 Mosin Nagant M44, and I am currently in the process of fixing it up. The rifle itself is all matching, with a good bore, and has no mechanical issues, aside from the stock. The stock on this particular M44 has a rather noticeable crack extending on both sides from the bottom/rear of the magazine well, into the rear of the stock several inches. I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas/suggestions on how to fix this crack, or at least ideas on how to stabilize it, and restore some of the stocks strength/functionality for future us
  9. Is it safe to shoot 1950's Polish 7.62x25 with split/cracked necks out of a IO PPS-43?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. timy


      Just my opinion too.

    3. ChileRelleno


      You shoot it... I'll video from behind cover.

    4. self_inflicted


      Thanks for the input! I ended up with some surplus, and in typical fashion, half was good, the other half had cracked necks.

  10. Is facing that age old question of whether or not to pay off a debt now, and ravage savings, or keep savings, and subsequently the debt, for a bit longer… why are toys so expensive? Haha!

    1. ShadowFire


      Pay the debt, let your income that helped accumulate the funding to pay off the debt roll over into future positive cash flow. You will be able to afford more later by paying it off now. Waiting and accumulating is the first principle of the wealthy. While others spend, they build their surplus of money. Just my observations.

  11. Makes me want to get the AR-10... Looks great, cant wait to see it in person!
  12. I really like my Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, its a great trainer for AR lovers, and one heck of a .22lr. Thats my two pennies. V/R S_I
  13. How long will you be accepting pre-orders? Thanks! V/R S_I
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