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    AK Hand Grip Question

    Are you talking about the IO inc. pistol grip? That comes standard on a lot of their rifles and is a good way to distinguish if it is one of their builds/conversions.
  2. Crsswift70

    Threaded 7.62 front end conversion parts?

    I am using a Polish FSB, and a Bulgarian HG retainer and GB. APEX was nice enough to measure the FSB for me to ensure it fit.
  3. I keep getting conflicting answers (my forum search not much better) to my question of which parts i can utilize to complete a front end conversion on my rifle. It has a factory threaded barrel so i don't want to use the Bulgy threaded FSB. What is the most economical way to get a FSB, GB and HG retainer for this rifle? I plan on pressing everything on, so no bolt-on parts. An acceptable parts list from Apex or another surplus site would be great. Kvar's prices are way too high. Thanks!
  4. Have blown doors with det cord, but nothing like that. Got his butt rolled though Not something you want to do every day i bet.
  5. Crsswift70

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    is that pistol grip as comfortable as it looks? Very comfortable. Got it from CSS.. Actually, got all my parts from CSS
  6. Same. The bit from CSS chewed right through the metal with very little pressure. It's all in the bit you use. I used titanium and Kobalt bits to do the trigger guard and it was much more difficult. Wish i had used the bullet guide bit to drill a tap hole for the trigger guard rivets and spot weld.
  7. Crsswift70

    I think mine is threaded...

    Took my new PSL and SAIGA to the range this Sunday and had a blast. The PSL isn't as polished as the SAIGA, but i could hit a steel plate at 550m pretty consistently using iron sites. Terrible trigger pull!!! The SAIGA on the the other hand was a pleasure to shoot. Very accurate and had no feed or firing issues. Little recoil and almost 0 rise with the JTAC brake. The only thing i need is a cheek pad of some sort. after firing 60 rounds or so i could feel my cheek getting a little sore. At 25 yards free hand, rapid fire, i could put them all in a 4-5 inch area. I was consistently hitting an 18" plate at 250m free hand standing as well. No complaints! My new favorite rifle.
  8. Crsswift70

    Saiga bullet guide

    Agreed, modify the catch. Wait on your rifle to come in to know which bullet guide you need (flat or round) and remember you'll need a T handle to hold the tap. There is a thread on this forum about grinding the catch. Can't remember the name, but i've linked it in one of my responses to another member asking the same question. Found it, but it's in another forum. catch
  9. I just did my conversion on a 7.62x39. I used the one from CSS. However, i had to modify it because it won't go around the PG nut. It will need to be cut down and filed to fit the bottom of the receiver. The one from MS looks like it wouldn't need as much work (maybe none at all?). However, i would get the cheaper of the two if you have an angle grinder or a Dremmel. It wasn't that hard to mod. See my thread in the 7.62 area.. "I think mine is threaded". I used the standard Tapco FCG and had no issues, although, i DID file mine down for the BHO.
  10. Crsswift70

    My New Saiga

    Maybe i am confused. I just used a Tapco PG nut in my 7.63x39 conversion without a problem. Well, i had to modify my ACE internal block, but if it weren't for that.. no problems.
  11. Awesome job! Makes me want to buy another and do wood.
  12. Crsswift70

    Venting the Hand Guard

    Longer than it should have I bet i spent close to 2 hours in the garage. I'm sure a Dremmel would have saved a lot of time, but i've really had good luck using my files. I just seem to have finer control using a small file. My arm did get a little tired though.
  13. Crsswift70

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Just finished...