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  1. Can anyone with both a Texas weapons dog leg rail gen 2 and a css quad rail ver 2 tell me if they line up on the same plane? Would be greatly appreciated. Probably just wishful thinking, but miracles happen everyday.
  2. Yes, I love counter stirke: source as well
  3. Birthday Great Mistakes....

    Oh what fun...

    I did Christmas there when I was 17.

    Joy of joys!

    Happy birthday & God bless!

  4. Smooth sailing!

    I almost wish I could join you...








  5. I have the non-folding version on my ar-15 and I love it. And yes the folding mechanism is reversible. There's a 7.125" entry version and a 9.75" full size, just something to consider.
  6. Leaving for basic on Tuesday

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    2. Paulyski


      They watch & make sure everyone is affected by the gas. Don't screw everyone. It's just to acclimate you. It really isn't too bad.


      But Great-Mistakes Illinois... Gonna be cold by the time you leave! It was 70 below with windchill when I left in feb.

    3. Paulyski


      It'll be surreal when you arrive.


      Just a heads up... When you graduate, read your orders!!!


      You have 24 hours to arrive at your "A"-school. A few friends & I got a hotel & partied our asses off before reporting...

      If you're @ NTC Great Lakes though... that may not be so.


      If you smoke, don't start back up when you're out of boot!

      I wish I hadn't.

    4. tonyhunt


      Thanks for the advice everyone, heading out today. :D

  7. Which website did you order it from? Chaos is a small, family run business so it takes them a while to restock when product runs out. Waiting for their stuff is common but it's always worth the wait with them.
  8. :lolol: http://www.highspeedgearinc.com/proddetail.asp?prod=HSG-TACO&cat=17 The guy in the video looks like he enjoys tacos...
  9. http://thevestguy.com/category.asp?id=174
  10. tonyhunt

    AGP Drum?

    I wish there was an alternative for a 10 rounder. I wish it could be belt-fed from a backpack...
  11. tonyhunt

    Saiga 12 mags

    Might be worth trying, but I would still love to be able to buy them vs making them. It can't be too expensive, the factory 5s are only $42.
  12. There are NO aftermarket mags that have the features of the factory 8 rounders. On top of that, no other mag looks like it belongs in the S12 other than the factory mags. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=58572 Someone could make a lot of money making a mag with the same features here..
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