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  1. In Texas, the longest I had to wait for an order was an order I placed on Thursday and got on Monday. I should note that Thursday was Thanksgiving. Late in the afternoon. Simply put, CSS is in the top 1% for vendors I've ever dealt with and THE best vendor I've ever dealt with for firearm supplies.
  2. Yes, shoot it. Shoot it a lot. Set it to Gas Setting 1, then move it to 2 if it doesn't run what you are shooting. Yes, there's a good chance that it won't run Walmart bulk pack right out of the box, but it's designed to run buck and slug. If it does have any problems, contact the importer for warranty information. That said, before you do anything to the firearm, fire it as is at least 200 times to break it in. Then, once you've established a baseline, you can decide how you want to proceed. I also highly recommend attending some beginner firearms class. If you can't find a shotgun
  3. I would be very, very surprised if it ever became collectable. Just being rare or unusual isn't enough for something to become desired. It must add value in some way. A sporterized mil-surp rifle may well be one of a kind, but those who collect them will almost certainly mourn it and keep looking, or try to return it to original configuration. As for your little weapon, if it looks hideous (which it does) and doesn't add functionality (which it doesn't), and has no historical significance (which it doesn't), odds are it will almost certainly lack any level of collectability. Which mea
  4. I'm glad you are ok and it seems like everything is turning out well. When you are on the wrong side of the Saiga, the barrel opening looks to be about five feet wide(1.524 meters for those who have a real measuring system unlike us ). I do feel a little sorry for them. That doesn't absolve them in any way and they deserve it, of course. You grabbed the right tool for the job and it resolved things well, it seems. I hope this is your only brush with violence.
  5. Once you have a little more information, you might want to create an account on a service like 'Together We Served' and put some information about him. That site is basically a limited social networking site and you may be able to find some more information about the men he served with or even contact those men themselves. If any of his battle buddies still live, they may want to hear of his passing.
  6. I'm just waiting for internet access to be a right for prisoners. That way, when they throw someone in jail for mocking them on the internet, they will give them time, ability, and motive to mock them further.
  7. I recently moved to the Columbia, SC area. I feel the need to get my Saiga to the range again.
  8. It sounds like Motherboard is probably the problem. If you change it out and the problem doesn't go away, the next thing I would check would be the power supply. I has a PS go out and it was causing all sorts of weird crashes and problems like you describe. If you've tried Memtest and you're still having problems, it's time to try the Hard drive. Get the 'SpinRite' program from GRC (google it), which is the single best hard drive recovery tool short of a state of the art computer forensic lab. Odds are, your problem almost certainly resides in one of these areas.
  9. You don't have to notch the factory BHO. However, if you do notch it (which I recommend), you can install it before the safety, allowing you more room to work on the internals.
  10. I don't know about all units, but mine never used bayonets in Iraq (2007). A bayonet is heavy and at the end of the barrel, throwing off aim. Further, it's long, making the weapon slower to acquire targets in an urban environment and it extends further, meaning that when moving into a room or around a corner, potential enemies have another fraction of a second to react. It's also very aggressive, so when encountering non-combatants, it can make negotiations more tense. As pointed out earlier, there's also a very good chance of poking things that you didn't intend to. During conventional w
  11. I encountered a fellow at a local gun show who was selling Saiga accessories and had a tricked out Saiga with a Porky Pine on it. He was saying that a guy offered him $1000, cash for it on the spot, but he wouldn't sell it. The vendor said it brought far more people by the booth than it would be worth to sell.
  12. Let's see... the original post is a random jumble of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Maybe he posted his password by mistake?
  13. "The Gun" by C. J. Chivers. Really good book, though I haven't started work on the fact cross checking yet.
  14. The VZ58 primarily ejects up and forward. You shouldn't have any problems getting hit by brass because you're a lefty. If you want to see the weapon fired in slow motion, check out CzechPoint's YouTube video. It's a well made video, though it starts a little slow. Right at the 3 minute mark, you can see the ejection of a spent shell in slow motion so you can see for yourself how it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PqAk-qianA
  15. I kind of like the Czech mags better, but that's just preference. I consider it a totally different platform. I don't get annoyed that the AR doesn't accept FAL mags, for example. As for the case ejection pattern, it doesn't really have one. It ejects shells in a rough 120* arc in front of you, out to about 10 ft at the extreme. If you are shooting under cover such as an awning, expect them to hit it and bounce down. The falling shells don't come down with much force, so don't worry about getting hit.
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