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  1. Its interesting that after all of these years I never heard of the is stuff but recently I have been looking more into replacing all mu springs with the chrome silicon. I know its been quite some time since you posted this thread but have ever taken the step to using these springs with Saiga's? Looking for any personal experience using them.
  2. This is the best pic.
  3. Both reticle systems will not take long to learn on. It really is just a preference as to what you like. Ultimately it all comes down to getting the time behind the rifle and the scope and gaining the experience. Nodott
  4. What scope you running with?
  5. It seems recently I have seen a lot of problems where gunsmiths are messing up there clients guns. Even for myself I personally have had bad experiences with local gunsmiths in my area.
  6. Thats good to hear. I know that SGM builds an adaptor for these and it looks likes its been designed to be used for the converted rifles. I was hoping to see if anyone has that particular setup as well.
  7. SASS_KEVIN - I believe the place you are talking about is closer to Ashford. I was up there 2 weeks ago and unfortuantely that place looks more like a dump. My brother and I in all our years shooting there have never seen it that bad before.
  8. So it looks like no one has ever used this stock? Wow maybe I should not go with it.
  9. University Place, WA. Which is near Tacoma. So with all the other members that I see that live close to Tacoma why don't I ever see any of you at the Waddell Creek or Ashford pits?
  10. nodott

    SA58 1

    Well let me put it too you this way. I want another one. But first I want to put a scope on this one.
  11. Has anyone ever tried the SGM tactical butt stock on a converted rifle? I like the stock but wanted to see if anyone has used this product and if the product has lived up thier expectations. The link below shows the whole kit for a non-converted rifle but I thought hat these could be used for converted as well with a butt plate adaptor. http://www.sgmtactical.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=6&zenid=063b8ac03f8927c730b41fb7def9af2c Nodott
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