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  1. It's not that nobody wants 20 gauges it's just that there aren't enough aftermarket mags to get people interested.
  2. I shoot slugs from my Saiga just fine. Maybe you got a dud.
  3. I have gotten my 20 to run with Winchester AA and Remington value boxes. Federal value sucks for saiga.
  4. Saiga 20 mags have always been hard to find. The batch from Carolina shooters were all duds and they should have been sued for selling faulty products. The ones from Mississpi auto worked awesome and the CSSpecs mags have worked decently
  5. CSSPECS makes pretty good mags. My only gripe is the follower seems kind of flimsy but if you can fit all in the mag it usually turns out working excellent.
  6. WIsh there was a way I could get my money back. I bought these thinking they were legit mags.
  7. I bought 4 mags thinking I was getting a sweet deal. I was pretty disappointed to realize I couldn't get these mags to function. I am regretting not doing research on them before buying. I wish there was a legitimate functioning hi cap magazine for the 20! I know the sanders 13 rounds are functional but now they don't make them.
  8. Yeah I remember when Saigas were $370 to $400. Damn, I miss those days.
  9. Yeah, I had been under the impression that it was magnetic somehow. I swear I heard that somewhere. Sorry for my ignorance. I do believe that the extractor is made for the thick brass casings though. I've never had an issue shooting buck or slugs with the factory mags or the clear 13 round mags by Sanders.
  10. How is the construction and qualty? The pictures make it look pretty awesome
  11. I'm not sure. I think they were made in Flordia though.
  12. Yeah, I have noticed that the magazines on the secondary market have not perfected the angle and feeding mechanism for the Saiga. I have observed on the magazine lip of the Russian factory magazines there is a piece of metal that guides the ammo into the chamber of the barrel. This is non existent on some of the secondary market Saiga 20 magazines. Some people suggest to make sure the brass area is riding on the rear of the other bullets in the magazine, and to have the magazine inserted while closing the bolt so that it chambers properly to help aid and prevent damage to the ammo.
  13. Are you shooting wal mart value pack ammo? The main problem that I and others have observed is that the magnet on the extractor needs to have something to grab a hold of when extracting. The extractor doesn't grab the alloy primer casings and you need to shoot brass. My S20 works fine with Brass and buckshot and slugs. I get bad reliability when I try to use the alloy primer casings. Which magazines are you using?
  14. I'm sorry Wagnikov. I should have clarified. I meant any luck with installing the muzzle brakes from the box. As in, no mods to the barrel thread needed or anything of that nature. I have the original factory threaded barrel on my S20 and want to get that front sight with muzzle brake on it.
  15. I haven't done any mods to the bolt carrier rod. I have noticed that it is hard as hell to remove the puck out of the little hole where it rests though after I shoot. Is there a decent method to getting the puck out?
  16. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody wanted to post their test results for ammo through the S20 with factory mags. I have gotten them to run pretty consistently with the factory mags and the Poly clear mags with any Federal, Winchester, or Remington brass. I figured it would be a small project and just for reference to see what the consensus is in terms of functionality. Just an idea. I already took a few notes in case anybody thinks it sounds interesting. What do you guys think?
  17. Yeah, I was asking you earlier if you meant the Carolina Shooters puck. I ordered the reliability kit last summer and had no luck with it. I think it's the mags though.
  18. I wanted to order one of the Dinzag muzzle brakes, since I can't find the SGM tactical saber boss for sale in 20 gauge anywhere. I had originally purchased one a few years ago but I sold it and now I am wanting one again. Have any of you guys tried any of the Dinzag Arms muzzle brakes?
  19. I heard recently that Izhmash was going to be setting up factory here in the USA. Not sure if its true, just what I had read from a little thing online a week ago.I would hold on to it just in case, but if you really need the money I guess it wouldn't hurt to sell it now while the price is still up.
  20. When you say CSS puck, do you mean Carolina Shooters supply? Nice job getting that thing to run well. I have been able to get the Winchester and Remington bulk packs to work on my 13 round mag with no issue before. The federal always fails though.
  21. The 13 round poly mags from Mississpi Auto website were pretty damn good in my experience. I would recommend them. I also bought these tough plastic ones from Carolina Shooters but I haven't had the chance to test them properly due to the winter. I have heard they don't work well with bulk ammo, where as the 13 rounders worked pretty good with the bulk ammo in my experience.
  22. Wow, actual 20 gauge magazines that are more than 5 rounds? Please tell me it's not just a dream. I haven't been able to acquire any S20 large mags for a long time. I was thinking of selling my 20 gauge because the lack of large capacity mags was making me angry, now I just may keep it around for fun if you do start selling these mags soon.
  23. I have had problems with extraction when I use the Federal bulk packs. I think it has something to do with the claw not being able to grab the brass because it's kind of a light alloy and it is not heavy enough to produce the recoil necessary for the extractor to grab the shell and eject it. As for your problem, I don't think I have had feeding issues except when using cheap bulk ammo. Try using brass case shells for this type of gun. Also, make sure that you set the gas tube setting accordingly. That's the best info I can give. I think that would be the problem, but I'm not a guru so I c
  24. Hey guys, I'm new. I'm just wondering if a Muzzle Break or a Polychoke would be a better option for my S-20. If anybody knows the pros and cons of each let me know. I would really appreciate it.
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