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  1. You can't beat a browning buckmark. Very accurate and great trigger!!!
  2. Question is the supply of these things going to dry up anytime soon or do I need to put one on layaway?
  3. on a mag of mine I've used the rustoleum high heat spray paint for grills and it has a blue grey tint to it. I'll try the duplicolor. Thanks guys!!
  4. Spacehog did you end up with canted sights? I just wonder how often this is the case? Is there anyone who sells them that would check for basic problems before selling them? Canted Sights, deformed rivets etc. What did you have to fix. It seems it is a gamble to order one.
  5. I was wondering what kind of paint some of y'all have used to get the correct exterior finish on metal parts that the Bulgarians used so that it looks close? Where did you get it and how did you apply it? Thanks
  6. Thanks mancat and mt predator for the info. Capt I've seen the 556 verp IV but I really want to stay in 7.62 platform due to mags I have already. If I was starting fresh the 556 verp IV would be tempting!!!
  7. Want to ask you guys what RPK out there being sold is a good product? Been looking at different places at them. Please give your opinion or experience with both that are currently being made recently. Mostly between the M64 and the AES10B. Numerous vendors have them. Atlantic Firearms has both.... Any information is welcome. Thanks AES10B http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/rpk-squad-rifle-762-x-39-rifle-aes-10b-detail.html?Itemid=0 M64 http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/cai-m64-rpk-heavy-barrel-7-62x39mm-rifle-
  8. Pull their arm or legs out of their socket stupid hippie. Nut should be reported barely got through 30 seconds then turned it off.
  9. Read all the comments below the video on YouTube. Some pretty ignorant people out there.
  10. http://inagist.com/all/297906837804691456/
  11. Browning buckmarks are great. Very accurate, shoot anything, and can buy parts for them.
  12. I used a paper clip and bent one end to check the ports worked like a charm!
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