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  1. I live next to Eglin AFB, a lot of space but if they nab you riding around in or on anything that doesn't have a tag and title funs over. Had one of the old 250cc 3 wheelers it was a blast in the sand. Now days my 1988 S15 Jimmy is about all I get to play with in the dirt or a golf cart at the course and sporting clays. Golf carts are kind of dull for sure (as Ron White said moves at the speed of smell) but it beats hauling all the equipment by hand.
  2. was too hot to shoot here of late, went to the bay and found a strange photo on my camera later! untitled.bmp
  3. might want to take a paperclip bend it and verify that
  4. During testing both ongoing here and by the people who were sent mags the things that were found and addressed by us were: Magazine/s cracked when dropped was our biggest issue (only happened twice). The root cause was stress cracks created during the ejection. We added more ejector pins to the mag body tooling to insure smooth easy ejection of the parts. Some failure to feeds FTF occurred in some guns. There are 2 possible causes: We believe these for the most part are due to the gun owners' use of a light 1911 style recoil spring having to push against the heavy mag spring. As ordered ou
  5. At this point in time both our friends at: Mississippi Auto Arms (thanks Nathan), and Carolina Shooters Supply (thanks Greg) will be carrying these magazines so please place your orders with these great businesses. Both of them are class acts to do business with and great suppliers.
  6. on the subject of long life depending on who you talk to a recoil buffer isn't a bad thing to add. just about all the stocks and forearms are drop in / drill 3 small holes with a hand drill with the bit supplied in most cases. with a dremel and a 3/16 bit with a hand drill you could most likely pull off a conversion. enjoy the gun, be safe, and have fun in life.
  7. just got my gas block back on, that was as almost big a pain in the butt as getting it off. I've seen people say their gas block was loose this kind of makes you wonder if that is really a bad thing. didn't enlarge the 3 existing ports, added one with a # 44 bit (.086). I still plan to get this gun off to Tom (VanKiller) Cole and have my Cutt's comp put on at some point down the road. that coupled with this gun didn't run quite as well as my test mule with light birdshot loads (wanted only 1 oz) prompted this action. I hope to be able to use the factory recoil spring with birdshot an
  8. the web is cool till you have to try to put stuff on it.

  9. Saiga 20 ga. Hi-Cap Magazine Up to 14 rounds are possible (13 in mag + 1 chambered), 2 ¾ inch shells only. American made counts as 3 parts for 922r compliance. Molded parts are a tough Polycarbonate For best results: Always practice Gun Safety. Keep your magazine clean. If follower becomes sticky use a silicone spray. Please Check Your Local and State Laws Prior To Ordering. The SMC Saiga 20 Ga. 14 Round Mag Cannot be shipped to: CA, HI, MD, MA, NJ, CT or NY. To avoid Failure to Feed (FTF): Insure shells are stacked with lip of uppe
  10. we just took one off Friday and it was ON there. snug doesn't begain to discribe how tight it was.
  11. We're Here! Currently Offering 1 Product.

  12. Think we have an answer to the question. http://stores.intuitwebsites.com/hstrial-Saiga20Mags/StoreFront.bok
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