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  1. This might just be the funniest damn thing I've ever read. It's probably just me, but in my mind, I read all of Gecko45's and SPECOPS's quotes in the voice of the nerd character from Robot Chicken. It just seemed to fit perfectly.
  2. Some serious metal right here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHZ79InLGRY Just kidding. How about some Corrosion of Conformity? Older Newer
  3. Just became the proud owner of a numbers matching 1952 Tula arsenal ex-DDR SKS. YEA!!! Needs a little bit of a resto though.
  4. I used to have a Desert Eagle Mk 1 in .357mag that I CC'd all the time. It can tend to get cumbersome depending on how you carry it. The easiest and most comfortable is a shoulder rig, but I usually chose an IWB holster because I don't like wearing jackets all day, just wear slightly baggier clothes. As for a DE in .50AE or a PSL, it's a matter of personal preference, I'd take the DE all day long. Fun as hell to shoot in any caliber,and accurate follow up shots aren't as hard as people are making them out to be, even in .50AE. And it can be fun to see the looks you get when you pull one out at the range. If you decide you don't like it, do like Indy said, sell it or trade it for something you do like.
  5. I have to say, that is probably the most perfect review of the movie I've seen. Pretty much nailed it down perfectly!
  6. Damn it! I have a Romy G kit and a shovel just like that. Now i'm tempted.
  7. Saw it, wish I didn't. The critics were (for once), spot on with this one. The "acting" was just sad at best. I went home and immediately watched the original to get the new one out of my head. The guy who played Jed was the only somewhat decent actor in the whole movie. The plot was all over the place and didn't make much sense. The worst actor in the movie is the guy who played Matt, just absolutely horrible. I'm just going to pretend that this movie doesn't exist now.
  8. I have one that I'll let you have for $100 plus shipping. It's in good condition.
  9. I had a Mk. 1 in .357 mag. Was a fun gun to shoot, but they require a good bit of maintenance, being that they are gas operated. Not sure about the .41 mag model, but the .357 is very picky on what ammo she'll cycle (at least the one I had, as well as others I've talked to). I would highly suggest checking out the Desert Eagle forums for some really good info. That price for the gun you described doesn't sound worth it to me. I would definitely look elsewhere. One thing though, if you find one in .41 mag, CDNN Sports has the factory mags (not the Promags) on their website for $20 each.
  10. Easy to do business with and got what I paid for really quick. All transactions should be like this. Thanks!
  11. Crossbreed Super Tuck. Got it for my Glock 21 and 30, fits both. They do make it for the USP as well. I believe it works for both the full size and compact. Worth the $70! After a few minutes of wearing it, I almost forget it's even there, even with the big Glock 21.
  12. How much of the hi brass did you put through it before switchiing to the low brass? A lot of people recommend an average of between 100-300 of hi brass for breaking the gun in. Then it should (but not necessarily will) cycle the low brass better. I'd try that before dumping a lot of money on parts just yet.
  13. Is the bolt damaged as well? If not, you don't need a new bolt, just the bolt carrier. The bolt carrier is not a part involved in headspacing, so If the bolt is ok, don't replace it.
  14. Well, I just swapped it back onto my S12 with the forgrip attached. The factory 5 rounders and the AGP 10 rounders went in without issue. The insertion angle is shallow enough that there is a little bit (but not much) room to allow them to go in without a problem.
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