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    S20 Choke Verification

    Okay, I need a little verification here. I have a 22" threaded muzzle RAAC Saiga-20. Under the model name it has 20x76, 15.8 and then something that has been stamped out. I'm fairly certain that it starts with "F (0". I currently assume that this shotgun has no internal choke (cylinder bore). Am I correct?
  2. gazpacho

    steel s12 mags. Project completed.

    Well, considering that many people have tried to make a steel S12 magazine, I will take what I can get, and like it. Heck, I bought a Saiga 20 just because Ccspecs made a steel magazine for it. No joke! If he can't make a steel mag for the S12, I seriously might sell mine to finance a second S20.
  3. gazpacho

    What are some good spare parts to have?

    I had this same concern many years ago, when I got my Saiga 12. Springs are the easiest parts to get, and I have a few extras set aside. The only other thing I could think of was to buy a second shotgun. However now, it's getting hard to justify holding onto a $250 "parts kit" that I could easily sell for $800.
  4. gazpacho

    How to make VEPR .308 Fit M1A/M14 Mags??

    Ccspecs makes the best for all purposes The Promag magazine is good, especially for range work.
  5. gazpacho

    BHO lever

    The easy thing to do would be to just use the Krebs modified safety lever. It is more useful than the factory BHO, as it holds the bolt back far enough to clear the magazine. It is also easier to install. If you are insistent on installing a BHO, then I recommend installing an S12 BHO in your S20. It holds the bolt back a further 1/2 inch, and is a bit more useful.
  6. gazpacho

    Rusmilitary has cheap Factory 10 rounders for S20

    I suppose thats good for unconverted S20s, but since its a foreign mag, you get 922r issues with converted S20s
  7. gazpacho

    Talk me into getting a vepr 308

    If you are going to keep the modifications low, then the 20" VEPR is an excellent choice. If you are going to do extensive modifications, then you might consider the Saiga 308 instead, as the VEPR angle cut on the receiver limits your choices a bit.
  8. gazpacho

    New Vepr

    Look for a pin on the bottom end of the barrel. If the is one, take a pic and post it before you try to remove it for confirmation. The cap on mine was pinned and threaded, and I used a Dremel to cut the pin out.
  9. gazpacho

    Vepr 308 20 round magazines pre-review

    The ProMag 20rd VEPR magazine works fine in my 308 VEPR, and should hold up fine for range games. It would also work fine as a duty magazine, but the Ccspecs magazine is so much more robust that choosing the ProMag over it would just be silly. The Ccspecs magazine is MUCH more expensive, but if you go cheap when it really matters, you get what you pay for. Personally, I have 6 Promag/TSD 20rd mags and 6 Ccspecs, plus a few more Ccspecs stashed in wrappers. But when I go to the range, they almost never get used, because I spend my time shooting with 10rd Ccspecs. I don't enjoy multiple 20rd mag dumps in 308. On the other hand, I gladly go though 200 rounds of slow, deliberate shooting. I got ARs and 10/22s for mag dumps. When I do use my 20 rounders, it's usually for spring longevity tests. For all my "go to" guns, I keep some magazines fully loaded in storage to see how well the springs hold up. If the magazine is well designed, the spring should remain functional, pretty much indefinitely while under compression. According to my engineering friends, it is cycling that wears a spring out, not compression. So far, all of my VEPR mags have held up just fine. Some of the mags have been loaded for up to 6 months now. As an aside, I've had some 1911 mags pretty much continuously loaded for over 10 years now, and most have held up just fine. I have a cop friend who won't believe me about springs. He rotates and unloads his duty mags weekly, and replaces springs every six months or so, "before they can wear out". I don't argue with him about it, because it's his life, and if it gives him a confidence edge then I'm not going to mess with that. Anyway, the ProMag VEPR mags go for around $27 on the net, and that is about as cheap as you will find. If you want to play around with modified mags, by all means do so. Personally, I don't thinks it's worth the time, money and effort, when perfectly serviceable magazine are out on the market.
  10. gazpacho

    VEPR 308 Project

    I went with the Arsenal single arm single stage trigger. If I remember correctly, it was a straight drop in. I didn't want to grind away that rivet either. I'll check my VEPR tonight.
  11. gazpacho

    Smith Vortex Flash Hider on Vepr 308

    It will fit just fine. But I would email the manufacturer to see if they would recommend it.
  12. gazpacho

    Flash Hiders

    +1 for CNC Warrior I have a couple from them and they are excellent. They rate their 7.62 flash hiders for 308. They just recommend checking the barrel for concentricity to make sure the bullet clears the flash hider without striking it.
  13. gazpacho

    Scope opinions for Vepr. 308

    I own 3 different Kalinka mounts and I haven't been happy with either one. The build quality is sloppy, and one of them isn't even parallel with the barrel. Yes the Leapers is cheap, but the build quality is good, and it locks in solid. Buy yourself a little piece of mind, and get the Leapers early on. You might end up buying others later on, but you'll go back to the Leapers UTG.
  14. gazpacho

    New Vepr 01 , muzzle cap

    Be a bit careful on the brake you choose. Just because it is for 7.62, doesn't mean it will work for a 308. For instance I asked Tapco if any of their brakes would work for my 308, and they recommended against it.
  15. gazpacho

    New Vepr 01 , muzzle cap

    I used a Dremel with a cutting wheel. Just cut a very little at a time. Expose more and more of the pin. Score a little notch on the side of the pin, and at some point, you set a screwdriver in the notch and tap the pin out with a hammer. Tap lightly.