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  1. JohnInNH

    POLL: Surefire VS AGP

    I think MD wanted $5 each.. I had to lower the back of the clip so the catch in the back would fit in the groove. The back of the clips is a little wider on the MD clips. Place on hard surface.. Use a large BASTARD metal file.. Then behind the lips lower the top part that fits under the protrusion that the mag rel clips under. It does not take a lot.remove only about 1-2 match book cover thicknesses. Then you may need to remove a little material in front of the lips to get them to seat forward enough to engage the nubs into the holes of the clips. I describe it a little in the post with the pictures. The springs are thicker so I also broke the edges with a 45deg as a precaution, a touch of the drumel as the sharp edge could catch while inserting the mags. Also a *slight* bend of the tips with the holes was added in them helped to get them to clip over the nubs. Just enough to get the holes flat on the mags.
  2. JohnInNH

    POLL: Surefire VS AGP

    The SureFire holds the top round in better than the AGP mags do. If you take each mag and put in 5 rounds each and then flip the tip of the round up, the AGP will lift up very easily. The SureFire mags, not as easy.. I found the AGP's would loose a round easily when pulling them from my range bag and the round pop out then roll of the bench. That lead me to compair them to Surefire, OEM mags and the MD-20 Drum. That's when I discovered the AGPs were lacking in that one aspect. (the rest is just fine) So I took the metal clip from my MD-20 drum and noticed it had longer lips on it. So I ordered extras and fit them (it takes some filing) onto the AGP mags. Now with the MD-20 metal clips the first round is held in much better. I like the body of the AGP but for me.. I like the better retention of the SureFire and MD-20 drum.. SOooooooo I reworked all the AGP mags I had. Now they are BETTER then new. I hope AGP changes the design to replicate the OEM mag so the top round position and clips match exactly the OEM design. OEM has much better round retention. OEM mags need no improvement other than availability, cost, and round count. They feed flawlessly so don't try to improve it. They are the improvement LOL A few changes to the AGP and they would be as good as the factory mags. See the AGP mag thread for pics of my clips. I like the body shape of the AGP mags. I like the base design, and the lack of the ribs. They are very close to OEM. Just the clips have the "lip to shell contact" area incorrect. It's 2 things. 1) The clip lips are a little shorter, and 2) the back of the mag body pushes the top round a little farther forward than OEM (this I believe was done to "help" with feeding.) Combine the 2 and you have the poor top round retention issue. One evening with a file and a high speed rotary drill/grinder and you can rework your AGP mags with Mikes metal clips. OEM clips would work better but where can you get those?.. Mikes are slightly thicker and that causes a slight fitment issue, but they work a lot better than the AGP clips do. With the reworked metal clips you can have the best of both. I have not had any problems with the surefire mags, other than not being a fan of the ribs. .. I thought the plastic lips would quickly be a problem. But so far not... Who knows how they will hold up over time. High capacity mags being in jeopardy I want to make sure the ones I have LAST. My vote... REWORKED AGP mags. (well, maybe until the MD double stack mags come out!) Some people don't care and find the loose top round retention to not be an issue. I don't like dropping live ammo on the ground so I fixed mine. I did save the AGP spring clips incase I felt the need to change them back. So far, I have no need to change back and best of all.... no more rounds flipping out. :-)
  3. JohnInNH

    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    its just sad that it was only 3" . yeah we know, thanks. I think the pictures came out well..Did the .gov take them or use HIS pictures ... makes ya wonder. LOL
  4. Supposedly the clear surefire mags have taken into account the raw material and they used a special plastic that is allegedly as good or BETTER than the plastic they use in the black mags. I have a clear surefire mag and so for it has worked as well as the black surefire mags. The top round retention is a LOT better than the retention I get from the stock AGP mags. I took off the AGP metal clips and replaced them with reworked MD-20 drum clips. They now have about 50% more retention (lift up on the nose of the shotgun shell) On an AGP and it will lift up VERY easily, the Surefire takes about 200% more pressure to lift up, and the MD-20 drum takes even more pressure to lift up. I like everything about the AGP mags except the problem with the top round flipping out easily while handling them. This could easily be fixed by AGP. My *reworked* AGP mags are my #1 mag choice following the factory 5 rounder. With the MD-20 spring I don't have the top round flipping out anymore. They also feed as well as the stock AGP and OEM mags. It did not harm, only helped the already good AGP mags but putting on the re-worked MD-20 mag clips. (I wish I had the 8 round OEM mags!)
  5. JohnInNH

    Range report with new TwisterPuc and MD V-Plug

    That can be the only conclusion. I even tried lightly tapping it back in because forget trying to put it back in by hand. I don't abuse my weapons other than how they should be and I know I haven't done anything to cause by user error. None the less the stock one goes right back into place so I believe something is faulty with my puck. Do they use an inferior metal or something? I don't want to start internet rumors about a company because I know how annoying that can get. However something isn't right. Has this happened to other people? I had the same problem with the stock Twister puck. I did not have it in my gun very long and discovered it was close to impossible to remove.. It had dropped in OK but after 3 trips to the range it changed and became difficult to get out. Luckily I was able to pound it out with a wood dowel and remove it before it did any more damage. I have pics posted in the puck thread. I sent it to KA and they very kindly sent me a FREE replacement .. The KA works a LOT better.. is better made and has not "changed" it is still easy to remove. It is also not damaging my gas tube. You could see where the tips of the twister were causing wear on the ID of the gas tube. Go with a stock or with a KA puck.. I think KA is coming out with an new design.. Regardless.. if you want a US made puck you can send your deformed Twister to KA and they will ship you a free one of theirs! I have no opinion on the twister puck co. All I know is their puck did not help my shotgun, it did make it need to get cleaned MORE not less (the cutouts fill with lead and plastic), and started to damage the Gas Tube. The KA seems to have a slight more umph than stock. It comes out OK. The KA is as good or better than stock puck, and I would not recommend the Twister puck to anyone.
  6. JohnInNH

    ATF Shotgun Study - Here it is!

    That right there is the most intelligent sentence in this thread. All you self proclaimed bad-asses that put those stupid videos on youtube are doing more harm then you can imagine. If you think that the government doesn't view those videos, your sadly mistaken. Grow up, quit thinking your some kind of mercenary soldier of fortune, and quit placing those videos on public web sites. If you want a shotgun or a rifle to remain classified as sporting purposes, then treat it as a sporting gun while in the public eye. If you want them declared as a destructive devise, then keep doing what you're doing. Ruin it for the rest of us. I don't care how you use your shotgun or rifle in the privacy of your backyard or at the range. Just don't broadcast it to the world. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Said by a person with an avatar that has "Run you will only get tired" LOL... with cross hair (read political PC crap about that) and evil tactical "sniper rifle" with: Tactical military non sporting bi-pod, flashider, and hi-powered sniper scope Tactical "sniper" matches are not a "sporting purpose" either.. They have talked about banning "sniper rifles" too. Just saying... We all have to watch our 6. What we think is cool or funny may be ammo for the Anti's and the .gov Even at my local range trying to shoot clays with a SAIGA is not allowed (it's black and uses a mag) Now if it had a vent rib and shiny WOOD furniture MAYBE they might let you shoot it. Just busting your chops.. See my sig line.
  7. JohnInNH

    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    MD-20 Drum is BATF&E Famous: http://www.atf.gov/publications/firearms/012611-study-on-importality-of-certain-shotguns.pdf See last pages..
  8. JohnInNH

    Finally got some Promag 12 round drums.

    I am waiting on the double stack mags. I HOPE the RIO slugs and buck with the roll crimp fit. The AGP 10 rounds are nice but a tad long. I have a MD-20 which runs fine.. But it is BIG and really is for "play" I would consider a compact double stack THE answer.
  9. JohnInNH

    gas plug issue

    I will have to play with the #3 and #4 setting some more.. It was 10 deg out and windy so I did not spend much time playing with it. It just looked to me as if the cut out was indexed so the openings were the most at those 2 settings. But it's hard to really see. Maybe the #4 is to much and for some reason the timing is such that it hits the bolt handle Regardless I like your Gas plug... It's staying in. IF #5 works with a stock spring with Federal bulk and #2 is enough to prevent damage with high power ammo that's a GOOD thing. Keep us posted on the double stack mags! (drool)
  10. JohnInNH

    51,343 views of the Double Stack Thread

    My wallet is now waiting for the double stack from MD AND the 60 round QUAD stack for my M16A1
  11. JohnInNH

    using 3" shells

    The RIO Slugs and buck will not fit the MD-20 either :-( If only the MD-20 was just a little bit longer... Any source for cheap buck and slugs that will fit a MD-2? I guess 10 rounds will JUST have to do LOL
  12. JohnInNH

    gas plug issue

    Mike... Thanks for the Mag "Clips"... See pictures here of my modified AGP Mags: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=19834&st=120 Now the AGP will do till the double stack comes out. :-) When I got the clips from you I was going to order another drum.. but decided to wait for the double stack. I have noticed the V-Plug for my High Brass needs to be on #3 I do not have ammo that will eject with it on #2. #1 I feel is just a gas "shut off" for a Red Jacket silencer LOL .. That or for mongo 3" rounds. OUCH If I screw the gas plug in all the way it will only go to #2 so I used to back it out per the directions to use the fill range... But after playing with it and not having a need for #1 and #2 I just screw it in all the way and use #3 and #5 exclusively. It is easy to keep track. Also... #3 seems to have more umph than #4. The "cutouts", to me, both appear to be fully open at #3 and #5. # 4 will not eject my buckshot as well as on #3. This was both ways, fully in (can go to #2-#5), and one turn out, (full range of settings). I initially was using the Twister, & reduced power spring and your plug as supplied by CSS in the old "low brass reliability kit". But since I put the KA in I do not need the reduced spring for Federal Bulk pack. I also noticed CSS uses the Gun Fixer gas plug in the "low brass reliability kit" now. What's up with that? Anyway.. I like the KA and your gas plug. Your Drum it very nice but they won't let me shoot trap with it at my gun club. FYI I have a TROMIX 4 port.
  13. JohnInNH

    Twister puck poll

    Used my KA Tappet while testing my MD spring clip modified AGP mags. I put the stock SAIGA recoil spring back in and was able to cycle low brass just fine with my V-Plug on "+" KA Tappet still would shake loose in the gas tube after 30 rounds. I am glad I exchanged the Twister for it. THANK YOU King Armory!
  14. JohnInNH

    AGP Mags

    I don't know if it was just my 10 round AGP mags that are having this problem or if all Gen 2 AGP mags do this. The top round flips out VERY easily.. Just a bump taking it out of my range bag and the top shell will pop out flying over the bench... Take your finger and gently lift up on the front of the shot shell and it will VERY easily lift up and then pivot, the spring pressure then pops it out. My other mags do not do this. The surefire plastic lip mags hold tight.. and the OEM 5 round with the spring steel clip lips hold very tight and the MD-20 drum holds it even tighter. In one of the videos in the drum wars, the bad co shows this problem in the other co drum. (it was not representative of the MD-20 drum so it had been modified) But... anyway.. The vid clip shows the problem I am having with the AGP mags. (My Md-20 drum is perrrrrrrrrrrfect and holds the top round very tight) I called and asked if they had a different batch of spring clips, or feed lips... what ever you call it.. Nope apparently they had not changed from gen 1 to gen 2. I have not seen a gen 1 so I have no clue what the differences are.. Knowing that my MD-20 drum and OEM 5 round mags DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM I took the spring off the Saiga mag and it fit on the AGP and was better..But still the back of the mag pushed the shot shell farther forward so it does not rest on the lips correctly. I called MD and they sold me 5 clips Now the MD clips are not to OEM spec They are thicker and a little taller. But I could make it work. Some time with a bastard file, a dremel, pair of pliers, and my bench vise and I was all set. After getting my 5 clips I modified them to fit on the AGP mags I had to remove material in the back area under the mag catch so it would slide forward enough to pop over the nubs. I also had to bend the tip with the hole for the nub in a little so it would angle in as the clip is slightly narrower so the holes would angle out a little. The springs being thicker would be tighter in the magwell so I used the dremel to remove some material at the bottom edge and the top edge above the hole back to the lip. I just "broke" the edge removing the 90 deg making it a 45 deg. This helped the mag seat as you rock it back. It woudl not catch on the sharp edge of the wider spring clip. After an hour or 2 I managed to rework the 4 MD-20 Drum clips to fit the AGP mags. I bought. If anyone else is having this problem this is a $29 fix for the 5 springs (one extra) Problem SOLVED! No longer do the top rounds flip out and fly all over. Still not as tight as the OEM and MD-20 holds them but a WHOLE LOT better. Once I figured out what needed to be modified on the MD clips ti was not hard to re-work them. I have kept the AGP springs just in case the MD springs do not stay on or if there is a problem but I thing AGP should fix this. It is unacceptable IMHO. The brass does not rest on the lips correctly and the length of the contact area is shorter on the AGP clips contributing to the problem. SureFire mag .. Note contact point on High Brass. Modified AGP Mag with MD-20 Drum clip note contact point and fit of clip to shot shell brass Rear view showing modified clip First modified clip a little messy but works well Second clip cleaner now that I know where and what to remove Note the difference between the two clips AGP on left MD clip on right Now that I have re-worked the AGP mags I am happy .. I really like every thing about them besides the loose top round problem.. With that fixed I now have the 10 round mags I expected. With a little time and effort you can really improve your AGP mags to have the same retention the OEM and MD-20 drum have. AGP could easily make a few changes to make their mags 100%. Thanks to MD for selling me the clips. Edit to add Range Report: MD clips on the AGP Mags function flawlessly. I shot low brass, high brass and RIO buckshot. All fed just fine. (with different gas plug settings) Well worth the time.. No more shot shells flipping out of my mags.
  15. JohnInNH

    Twister puck poll

    I just received my replacement tappet from KA for the twister I sent in for the exchange KA is offering.. They have my business and I will support them when I can. I wonder if KA will do some precision measurements of the returns and publish the results on their site? I also wonder how many returns they got, and how many provided detailed 1st hand experience of how the twister performed in their guns. I installed it and was impressed by the initial quality. It has a very nice finish. I have yet to shoot it. I HAVE put the factory recoil spring back in and will bring the reduced power low brass spring with me to the range when I finally dig out form the blizzard. It will be interesting to see if my gun will cycle low brass with the stock spring. It will also be interesting to see how hard it will be to remove the KA tappet to clean after 50-75 rounds. If I don't have to beat it out with a hammer then the question is answered. I still find it hard to believe the Twisters are mushrooming. The KA measures the same as the OEM but is .1oz lighter. OEM =1.3 oz and the KA = 1.2 oz on my electric post office scale. Having 3 = contact "bands" with wider than OEM leading band may prevent as much gas from passing by it. The grooves are slightly smaller yielding more total surface area to contact to the walls of the gas tube. In addition the leading edge of the KA tappet is sharp not rounded which I also expect helps seal the gas. All just speculation on my part. I look forward to testing it.