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  1. I've made quite a few 3 gun race guns and find that, if left unmodified, eventually most of the bolt carriers crack on high round count guns - especially if the gun is tuned for birdshot, then used with 3" turkey loads, or buckshot for some match stages. The solution that works 100% for my guns is to drill out the dimples right away before the carrier cracks. Remove the original op rod. I put in a brass insert, (shown in the picture) then TIG weld up the holes. With the brass plug in place during welding, the threads are pretty good after welding. I clean up the threads with a tap. I then make a titanium op rod with a stepped down end (i.e. the last few threads removed) so it seats firmly against the bottom of the threaded hole. The load is no longer on the threads or the dimple, but directly on the carrier. I've had no alignment issues with this technique. The Tom Cole op rods are great - very heavy duty - but also very heavy, hence why I prefer the titanium. . FYI the threads are M12 x 1.25 This TIG welding technique can also be used to repair a cracked bolt carrier as well. I've never had one I couldn't save.
  2. Magwell is R&R as is the pistol grip adapter. They make great stuff. The hand guard is 1.875 O.D. x .060" wall carbon fiber tube. Readily available on Ebay. Some machining and aluminum welding to make the tube ends, then hard anodized. When machining the carbon fiber I wear a respirator and use a vacuum to suck up the dust. Stuff is bad news to breathe. Carbide cuts it fine. I get a close a possible with a Dremel cut off wheel, then machine the rest with a carbide end mill.
  3. No plans for now. Way too much work.
  4. All I can say is the machining makes a lot of chips. I've been wanting to do a hinged dust cover for a long time. It's been an evolution -- Here's one of my other S12s - I didn't like the optic height over bore (which is at the minimum to get the dust cover off). I like the hinged dust cover and offset stock much better - less recoil, easier to take apart, any rail mount optic fits, better height over bore and better optic placement on the rail.
  5. Hi all- here is my latest race S12 build - My best ever so far and only one in existence. Has a railed/hinged dust cover I machined. I also made the carbon fiber hand guard and the stock adapter. The stock is offset up so the center line of your shoulder is in the center line of the bore. Has a 1" recoil pad and the stock is shortened so the trigger pull length is exactly the same as an AR15. . The barrel is 16" and internally threaded for chokes with a pinned and welded compensator for a legal overall length. The axis pins are machined from polished 4130 steel and are keyed into a retaining plate for anit-rotation and no possibility of falling out. AR style safety. Titanium piston rod, gas puck and a lightened bolt carrier. Fully adjustable trigger with 3# trigger pull - slight takeup and no overtravel. . Custom made precision ground guide rod with fully progresssive spring increasing from 11# to 16# . Tungsten and graphite black cerakote over Type III hard anodize on all aluminum parts. Range test record on plate racks = 18 targets in 6.8 seconds. Almost no muzzle climb and the modest recoil impulse is straight back into shoulder.
  6. It's so simple it's not necessary to send it to a smith. Just find someone with good TIG skills. Here's a tip. If you make a very tight fitting copper plug, i've found that after welding, the plug can be hard to remove. and you have to drive it out/ The tool shown here is an aluminum sleeve with piece if 1/2" copper pipe over it. The shoulder on the aluminum sleeve allows you to put the plug into the barrel for a super tight fit. But when it comes time to remove it, the aluminum pulls out of the copper, then the copper sleeve can easily be removed.
  7. I've personally "stood guard " for my two daughters at the restrooms - anyone with a Y chromosome who decided to "identify" as female that day would have to get through me first. Thankfully it never happened or I would have suddenly identified as female too and it would have gotten way ugly in the women's room.
  8. This State is a mess. . City of Los Angeles, Sunnyvale and San Francisco already passed bans on possession of any mag holding over 10 rounds. Total population of over 5 million. Number of magazines turned in so far = zero. Zero compliance rate. No reasonable way to drive from San Diego north without passing through a "banned" zone. However enforcement is also zero. In 1990 California banned "assault weapons" and required registration. 7,000 were registered out of an estimated 300,000. A 2% compliance rate. Once banned, everyone wanted one so perhaps a million more AKs and ARs were sold post ban with "bullet buttons." No one even knows how many 80% guns there are in the state. There is massive civil disobedience in the state already with a huge voter base of pissed off people who are "single issue" voters. Will be a very interesting election and passage of the Proposition is not guaranteed. However, If this law passes, a further zero magazines will get turned in and many people will trunkload ammo from Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. Some liberals are waking up and realizing that near zero compliance is inevitable and the only way one is likely to get caught and prosecuted is in the commission of some other crime so the new law is likely to be enforced primarily against racial and ethnic minorities, who are statistically more likely to be arrested for other crimes.
  9. I live in this messed up state and that is just the tip of the anti-gun iceberg. there are 7 different anti-gun measures in the pipeline. However there is some hope --- What happened here recently is that our Governor vetoed some anti-gun bills (he's a Democrat but said that his father told him "never mess with a man's wife or his gun"). so after that defeat for the anti-gunners, Bloomberg bankrolled paid signature gatherers to get signatures to put it on the ballot as a Proposition for the people to vote upon. Newscum is just the front man. There's reason to believe (or at least hope) that this new Proposition requiring background checks for ammo is so unpopular that every single gun owner in the state comes out and votes against it - with the resulting conservative wins that tend to go along with it. There is a backlash within the Democratic elites that are terrified that it was an overreach. This already happened once in California in 1982. That year a popular Democrat, Tom Bradley, was expected to easily win the race for Governor, however there was a Proposition on the ballot that would have banned the import of handguns into the state and limited handgun purchases to one per year. So many people unexpectedly came out to vote against it that a long shot Republican candidate, George Deukmejian, unexpectedly won the election for Governor. It effectively shut down any gun control activity in the state for a decade. You can bet the anti-gunners are carefully watching this. If the Proposition fails and the conservatives pick up seats in State Government, then it will be a huge win for 2A supporters.
  10. Have one. Unused. Just pay actual shipping. PM your address.
  11. The tolerance between the end of the piston rod (what you are calling a bolt carrier extension), the puck and the gas adjuster plug is forgiving. Obviously there must be clearance so that when the bolt is fully forward, the puck is not hitting the gas adjuster plug . 1) Put the bolt into battery (farthest forward position of the piston rod), 2) push the puck against the piston rod (farthest rearward position of the puck). 3) now measure the distance from the front face of the puck to the end of the gas block. You should have between about 0.800" and 0.900" with a stock gas puck. I would suggest that you get a different gas plug. Various good options out there- see various threads in this forum.
  12. I agree with some of the other posts - If there were a one gun only law -- -- Since "gun" is the receiver, I'd take an AR lower with .22, .223, .300 Blackout, 7.62x39, and .50 Beo rifle uppers, plus a few pistol uppers as well. Ought to pretty much cover it. Even heard there is now a .410 AR upper, I'll take one of those too. That's after the boating accident of course where everything else was tragically lost.
  13. Agreed on the rail "flexing" in the mount - too much leverage on a small area - Had a C More slide ride on a similar one and it flexed too much. Use one of the shorter mounts - or buy that one from CSS and cut it down. CSS is always a pleasure to do business with though.
  14. The angled part of the hood times the rotation of the bolt into the front trunion. There is a lot of bad advice in the web about filing the lugs to set headspace. I prefer to do it right and simply press out the barrel slightly, then press it back in again setting the headspace by proper barrel insertion into the trunion. Press a little, check it, press again, check it, until it headpsaces. Once it is headspaced, it's very possible that the barrel retaining pin may not quite not up with the groove in the new barrel. Redrill it using the trunion as a drill guide and use a metric coiled sporing pin from McMaster Carr. -- M4 x 35 is part Part # 91612A173 and this usually does the job. You'll need to grind done one end just a bit to fit the width of the trunion.
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