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  1. You miss out on alot of cool people when you judge a book by its cover. You seem like an intelligent guy for a caveman. ain't it the truth. most of my friends are a rowdy lookin' bunch, but real solid people. And some of the preppiest looking folks I know are really low-life scumbags underneath their veneer. I love your new Bob Ross avatar, btw. and yes, kilroy, even I can do it. ...hold on, thats my mother, I'll put it on speaker.
  2. I don't have to pretend I'm in NY. I do care that a cop was shot by another cop. I do care that the perp never made it to trial. (as i knew he wouldn't) I do care that the house burned down when they tear gassed the place. I do know that you can't say that the perp burned the place down from a still photo of as fire that's already underway.
  3. he did smoke alot of hash, but the only way that can kill you is cancer or emphasema , just like smoking anything else. most believe he died of an allergic reaction to a muscle relaxant, which caused swelling of the brain. both were found in his system, but canabinoids stay in your system a looonnnnggg time (especially for a habitual user), and as a long-term habitual user, an allergy would most likely have manifested earlier... so the muscle relaxant is the likely culprit.
  4. nothing at all wrong with them. they have a unique perspective on why its important to have the ability to resist tyrrany.
  5. good point, but i have a feeling, from how worried he sounded, that he wasn't very experienced with intoxication. he was probably a decent guy trying to have a little fun, but went about it like a total idiot.
  6. I'm willing to bet he's a card carrying member of JPFO. If there was ever a group of people who should be wary of being disarmed by the gov't, it's them!
  7. "What a maroon!". yep, he's a dumbass alright. one, being a cop and snagging weed. (and they do it alllll the time, at least around here) two, eating the WHOLE TRAY of brownies. three, thinking he was overdosing (if you could OD on weed I never would have made it out of 1994) four, calling 911 !
  8. How can you tell the guy was a Cop? oh, sorry, here. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,271194,00.html
  9. here's the 911 call. http://www.centralmediaserver.com/WXYZ/wxy...-potbrownie.wav
  10. it always takes me longer to fill out the form than to pass the check. it cracks me up, since i look like a criminal, people looks very surprised when i pass so quickly.
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