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  1. I have that exact setup on mine. All I did was take the PG screw, clamp it in the vise, take about 2mm or less off the end of it with a dremel cutoff wheel, threaded the screw into the PG nut without the grip on to make sure the thread wasn't wrecked, put the grip back on, checked if the screw went in far enough to pull the grip flush against the bottom of the gun and if it didn't, took another little tiny bit off with the dremel. GO SLOW. Do not hack off a bunch of material in one shot or you'll end up having to order another PG screw. Take off the least amount you can in one pass, test it, i
  2. It's not just you. For a moment I thought it might've been a trick of the camera lens but the scratches in the concrete underneath it are perfectly straight.
  3. Very nice, would love more info about the setup to attach the dust cover to the hinged rail section as well.
  4. Those pictures are the best possible illustration of why people need to pack items properly for shipping.
  5. Looks good, did you eyeball the rounded corners on the square?
  6. Those look very slick, I think I'm going to have to have one.
  7. Also recommending the Duplicolor low gloss black. Used it for some minor touch-up after removing the trigger guard/plate and cutting the stock tang, blends right in.
  8. I went back after finishing my restoration, pulled the BHO out and tossed it. I suppose it's convenient for locking the bolt open but either milling your own charging handle notch in the safety lever (if you're dremel competent and confident) or getting a safety lever with the notch in it from Krebs eliminates a potential source of problems while serving the same purpose, IMO.
  9. I can't think of a more valid reason for constructing a firearm than zombie protection.
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